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Bored all ready

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It's only 1 day since the end of the season and I'm bored already.

Have just altered and update 89 pages on the archive part of the website. Have about 400 to go but the next ones will be the easier ones transferring scores to the head to head match score pages.

As I say I'm bored. Any suggestions to make the summer go faster?

Oh by the way has anyone anything that they want me to consider to alter the website for next year.

One thing I'll be doing is putting down the goal scorers for each match on the match lists as a triple check.

How about a small freebie forum so you can post gossip and news. It will not match this one but it might make the site more active.

How about match reports nicked of this forum. Do you want me to copy and past onto the website?

How about a ground hoppers page where people make comments about each others facilities, welcome, etc when they attend a match.

I want to boost up the number of people visiting the site as at present most people look at the league table and nothing else.

I had 1775 hits to the 2008-09 Welcome page last month but over 3000 look at the league table.

Any other ideas.

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An excellent website already,

Give me a few more goals on the sly to start with!! Ideas for next year? Could you take photos from the indy re combo teams or ask the clubs to send you pictures with names? This would help to put names to faces. You could also put links with the pictures to club websites?

To make the summer go faster here are 2 suggestions:

1: Drink more

2: Talk to girls


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