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any changes at newquay

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There is a couple, Judge is not going to like hearing this...............

Jim Hilton - Resigned after deciding that he does not apply enough of his time to football and believes it is unfair on the club. He believes its all about application.

Lee Hawkey - Is taking over from Jim as he believes he was the brains behind outfit.

Matt Armstrong-ford - Has gone to Charlton Ladies for pre season. (we all knew why you kept your hair long now.)

Aaron Bicknell - Decided that dying his hair on a weekly basis to be seen in public costs to much so is taking early retirement.

Sam Mckune - Has run out of people to fight with on the pitch so is moving on to new pastures.

Chris James (CJ) - is currently missing in action. Last know located Manchester

Joff Bunt - Is struggling to play due to wanting to chase his dream of becoming a full time childrens swim teacher.

Ashley Bradshaw - has commenced training with Tom Daley after demonstrating a natural ability to perform a 10 point dive in pressured situations.

Matt Jose - Is yet to comment on his plans for future. Apparently he has been diagnosed as a mute.

Jake Hartigan - as speculated on the forum a few weeks ago will be joining argyle.

Paul Hampshire - Is moving to a club that will appreciate him more, He played half a season and did not get a Scotland flag. Ask him how many Robbo played!

Luke Rigby - is looking to further the research into zone 17 style of play, and will return to playing when results are positive.

Shaun Middleton - Has been committed to St Lawerences after continually suffering from nightmares about a certain 2-2 draw

Chrissy Luxton - Is moving to Hayle after Quinn commented on his positive performance.

Scott Palmer - Is going to remain at the club, However, he is looking for a new position

Luke Whelden - Moving to Penzance, believes this will save his petrol bills.

Paul Robertson - Is chasing his dream of becoming a professional karaoke singer! (Alright Now)

Difficult times lay ahead in finding a new squad for the forth coming season!


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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Flippin 'eck, I go to Canvey for a few days and it's all gone tits up ! No change there then !!!

Ash :clapper:

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