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I'm afraid I could not send an answer to your PM sent to me last night your in box is full. Can I just repeat again 'it is no use apologising to me about what you have posted on this web site'. Can I repeat as well. 'I AM NOT A MEMBER OF THE ECPL OR EVER HAVE BEEN'. How many times do I have to say it. I update the leagues web site and post any item the league may want to be seen on the web site. That is it. I understand your comments on this web site were questioned at last nights meeting to discuss applications. I can only suggest you apologise to the league and not me.

Indeed I have no say or interest in who enters the ECPL, I have an opinion like anyone else, I also try to interpret the league rules to the best of my ability. Everyone has the ability to check out those rules.

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Thanks for that ECPL i have already sent a letter off stating any thoughts or posts i make on here are my views and nothting to do with the club i am associated with, and yes i did apologise for being foolish and naive.

One question though how did you know it was discussed at the meeting last night when i only just found out myself after speaking to the people who went. ????

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