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Final Falmouth Helston League Division 1 table

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Final Table for FHFL 1 2008/09

Well done to Mawnan on winnning the league.

All 3 promoted clubs finished top 5 - shows the strength in the divisions below. ? a taste of next season with Contstantine, Camborne and Troon coming up.

Thanks to everyone for getting results in to me regularly.

At least we (Falmouth Albion) stayed up in the end so can do the Div 1 table again next season :D .

Have a good summer before it all starts again.

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Anticipated this might be an issue after seing the table in the Falmouth Packet on Wednesday.

Have compared my table to the Packets (which I presume is the one sent out to clubs) and found the following.

In those games where I have it that points were deducted/awarded these does not all seem to have been included

I have it that :

St Agnes 4-3 Chacewater - Chacewater awarded 3 points, St Agnes deducted 3 points due to St Agnes breach of rules

St Day 0-0 St Agnes - St Day deducted 1 point, St Agnes awarded all 3 points (instead of 1) due to St Day breach of rules

Helston v Falmouth Athletic - Falmouth Athletic deducted 3 points due to breach of rules. Helston NOT awarded points due to breach of rules also.

St Day 3-2 Falmouth Albion - Falmouth Albion awarded 3 points, St Day deducted 3 points due to St Day breach of rules

This adds up to St Agnes -1 points, Chacewater +3 points, St Day -4 points, Falmouth Albion +3 points, Falmouth AThletic -3 points.

Chacewater have been given theirs, St Agnes given 2 but not deducted 3??, St Day not deducted 4??, Fal Albion not added 3??.

Also Helston seem to have been awarded the points from the away game aginst Fal Athletic when I thought Helston couldnt raise a side.

All seems very confusing and not happy that we appear to have been relegated???. Can anyone shed light on the situation. Have the points awarded/deducted been cancelled for some reason. St Day admitted to playing an unregistered palyer against us so cant believe they have.

Could do with knowing before tomorrow night as we have our presentation evening and could put a downer on that.


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