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He says he is going to stay at Arsenal next season and is asking others to "join him" in his committment. Personally, I think if he does stay he should get off his lazy a**e and start doing the job he is so well-paid to do. He may have had a good season the one before the one that has just finished but he was abysmal this season.


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Swap him for Pavluchenko!!! lol :P

Bitch :P .. And all this from a man who supports a club that had Titus Bramble named as their player of the season last week :o;):c:

Fair play to the bloke, he's had an awesome season, in comparison to most seasons he's played!! :D Lets see how brucie spends this seasons profits, if he doesnt sucumb to the lure of sunderlands millions!! Maybe we can challenge for the mickey mouse tinpot europa league. :thumbsup:

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