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Innit typical that The Banned Man is the best source of info the Combo never had the wit to appoint ?

The meeting is usually on ther third Thursday of all the even-numbered months at Wendron. It's Wendron because that's really convenient and close to everywhere, especially St Just.

Unless there's something really important happening elsewhere, like Vidal having his truss adjusted or Roberts getting a ###### change, in which case I've known it to move to the second Thursday. Since the next one is the AGM they usually hold an ordinary meeting AND an AGM, so they might start at 7 rather than 7.30.

Of course, the voice of Penzance AFC is so often the voice of some sections of the Combo League that it wouldn't surprise me in the least if they come on here in a minute with their usual oracular authority to tell me I'm all wrong and what do I know, being a mere ignorant Tewster who supports the TOP Combo side in Penwith rather than the one that finished a poor third ?

Troon for the Combo ! Harris Roofing Services for the Houses of Parliament !!! :D

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