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I am a very happy man today, I can now really enjoy my Summer Holidays,

Why, because that rat bag of a club Shefield united were still not good enough to get promoted to the Premiership,

Last year they blamed West Ham united, & tried their best to bankrupt them,

the truth being they were just not good enough to go up,

this year Burnley beat them, even though Ward :SM_carton: tried the old Mardonna trick of the hand of God,

I wonder who they will now try to blame for their Failure to get Promoted,

Is there any Shefield united fans out there who will be brave enough to tell us what their next dirty trick will be,


A very happy Hammers :thumbsup::c::drink: :c:

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So who are Sheffield United going to blame for NOT getting promoted this season? Place your bets now! :rolleyes:

Glad to see them were they belong, in the Championship next season. Their there not because of West Ham and Tevez but because they werent good enough to stay up over the course of their season in the Prem and havent been good enough since then to gain promotion. :SM_carton_y:


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Well,they should have had a penalty in the 1st half,so i guess they're gonna sue the F.A.,they provided the ref after all.

Well done Burnley,those unsporting t***s don't deserve a place in the Premier League,they were not good enough when they had the chance,it had nothing to do with Tevez.Even with the parachute payments giving them an advantage over most of the others in the division,they still couldn't get promoted.

And now Kevin Blackwell is on about resigning!

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