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To Richard and Dave(tried calling you!) really sorry i wont be able to play tomorrow! broke my nose today,pretty badly!!! Ricky hatton's looks better! had a diving header and got volleyed in the face same time!! just glad i scored!! been gutted else.played 25 minutes and the next thing im off to hospital.(i was working all morning as well!!! didnt expect to be going back an hour later!!!) worse thing is i only needed one more for my 80th trispen goal of the season!!! stuck on 79!!! aint gonna get a chance like that again at my age!!! my first question was 'can i play tomorrow?' when they stopped laughing,was told i gotta go back to have an op in 10 days.really gutted to miss the big game! By the way Trispen won the league!! Will be at the game to give my support to the match and the cheeseburger stand!!!

Rappo x

:( :(

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Thanks Tom! im blaming you for teaching me how to head a ball all those years ago mate!!! would'nt have put my head in there back in those days bud!!! well done on a great season and hopefully see you at denty's do mate? ###### :thumbsup:

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