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Resukt Sat 23/5

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Mining League Division Two

Camborne SOM 2 Chacewater 5 h/t 1-3

School were unlucky to come away from this game at Wendron with nothing to show for their efforts.They played some slick football and created numerous chances but fortunately for Chacewater contrived to miss most of them.

I think that puts Chacewater ahead of Newlyn on goal difference (one goal?) but i may be wrong as i have not seen an up to date league table for some time.

All comes down to Newlyn's match against the School next Saturday when the league winners and runners-up will be decided.

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Guest Bananapitch

Doesn't matter who gets 4th place. At the end of the day, neither, penryn or falmouth athletic finished in the promotion places! the only reason they are going up is cos Wendron have a team in the league above. They can both claim they have had a good year but at the end of the day they didnt finish 3rd, Wendron did :clapper:

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Guest sunnydelight

bananapitch can you just remind me what wendron have won this season? penryn will get promoted have won a cup and came runners up in the other cup!!!!!!!! now to me that aint a bad season!

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Guest pete norfolk

would like to remind you that wendron can go up as there team above is getting relegated by the looks of it and there team below therefore can go up and if don't will no longer exist as the league rules are that teams getting relegated into a league of which they already has a team sees that team demoted too.

think fourth goes up anyway as mawgan expelled this year and will need extra team to make this place up

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