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Congratulations John Dawe

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Guest Roger

Football Person, i think you will find that this type of award is presentated to a player in a squad who "for all his enthusiasm and determination" is the joey of the team who struggles to even stand up properly in the morning let alone try and play the game. I have seen Jon play on numerous occassions and he certainly deserves this accolade. well done jon

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Gentlemen, thank you for your kind and not so kind comments, regarding my award of Sportsman of the Year at Launceston and I thought you were a nice man Mr Reed?!!

I'm afraid at my age I can no longer compete for the player awards, so at least I am now getting some recognition for putting out a good cone or two.

I think Garns will employ me as sweeper next season......as our changing rooms are sh-t high!!!

PS. I might bring the trophy to Butlins this weekend so you can all share in my moment of glory!!!

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Jon, have you got an escape plan for Butlitz? Will be a good weekend as I hear a few other teams may be there at the same time. Thank you for the `Mr Reed` bit, I'm not often called that. More than likely to be called something derogatory but that's another story. Good Luck for the weekend and well done for Clubman. By the way, who have you designated tunneller? :thumbsup:

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