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Goal post wanted new or second hand to buy!!!

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As a club who has just installed new goalposts at our ground. We had to destroy our old ones in order to get English FA funding for 50% of the costs of the new posts which meet the current legislation.

Taken from CornwallFA.com - Link

Goalpost Safety Scheme

The FA has now banned the use of metal cup hooks are still being used as net fixings. Match officials have been advised that matches should be postponed where such fixings are evident on any part of the goal frame. The fixings shown in the photos on this page will be acceptable, i.e. plastic arrow heads which can be screwed in, plastic clip net fasteners and new goals which have internal channels for plastic grippers.

The Football Foundation has been supporting the replacement of goalposts. Grants for up to 50% of the costs of replacement goalposts are available. More information is contained in the download on the right.

If Clubs do not wish to purchase new goals because of cost, it is recommended they should consider grinding the hooks off and ensuring the equipment is then well rubbed down to ensure no sharp edges remain. Manufacturers offer various different net ties and fixings which can ensure the nets are securely affixed to the goal. A list of those who can supply such net fixings, are shown below:

• Harrod UK Ltd - 01502-583515

• Edwards Sports – 01308-424111

• Mark Harrod Ltd – 01502-476882

• BG Sports – 01282-860077

• Huck nets – 01308-425100

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