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Respect the men in black .

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Let me make this clear my gripe with the ref yesterday had no bearing on the result and I thought he had a good game but .....

This year we are in the year of respecting the ref campaign in pro football and for some one who was quite vocal on the pitch and found myself in trouble with the one or two refs because of it on a few occasions :SM_carton_y: , I am a reformed character from the dugout never getting on the refs back and encouraging my players to leave him alone too. My blood boiled yesterday having shook my head at a decision that went against us the ref stopped the kick being taken while he marched all the way over to me to tell me that any more and I was off. Fair enough I kept my head perfectly still for the rest of the game , next to me Reno's side kick is screaming at him about a decision that went against his defender for a push and he's demonstrating with the ref how he hadn't led with his arm and there laughing all pally pally 1st name terms like there in the pub. After this happening for the 3rd time I was properly boiling then to finish it off , the lino who to be fair flagged some horrendouce off sides against them flagged once more and there he was out of his dugout area onto the pitch screaming the lino needs glasses and doing the classic hands up to his face making a comedy pair of specs. Was he spoken to , no not once . I had to explain to my 8 year old when he asked why their naughty coach was aloud to do this ? what was I supposed to tell him ? that its ok when your pally pally with the ref ?? :SM_carton:

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that is completely out of order...thats the worst thing ever, when the ref is all friends with the players or the managers then that really does my head in..if theres a 50/50 challenge with the friend of the ref, who is he going to give the free kick too?? i wonder .. and they wonder why refs get so much stick..they shouldnt give the players any reason to :SM_carton_y:

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