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Hi all,

I have arranged a trip to the Emirates cup (day 2) Sunday 2nd Aug.

it will cost £70 per head (travel and admission), if your interested please visit my website for details and book a place asap.



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don't talk to loud or sing at the Emirates!! its frowned upon,

just enjoy your comfy seats!

The Emirates Stadium, the epitomy of everything wrong with Premiership football nowadays.

Arsenal haven't won anything seen they moved there, is there any co-incidence in that? a tier of seats that get emptied about 5 minutes before half time and then filled again 5 minutes after half time! Cushions on the seats??? whats all that about???

And from outside, well, concrete, concrete, concrete!!

Nice stadium yeah, but football gone wrong in my opinion

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how can you complain about the seats at the emirates when you have a profile picture like that? surely you should be pleased to see seated stadia.

Im not an Arse fan but they have a quality stadium, they cant do anything about their quiet fans!

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