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Hi all,

I have arranged a trip to the Emirates cup (day 2) Sunday 2nd Aug.

it will cost £70 per head (travel and admission), if your interested please visit my website for details and book a place asap.



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don't talk to loud or sing at the Emirates!! its frowned upon,

just enjoy your comfy seats!

The Emirates Stadium, the epitomy of everything wrong with Premiership football nowadays.

Arsenal haven't won anything seen they moved there, is there any co-incidence in that? a tier of seats that get emptied about 5 minutes before half time and then filled again 5 minutes after half time! Cushions on the seats??? whats all that about???

And from outside, well, concrete, concrete, concrete!!

Nice stadium yeah, but football gone wrong in my opinion

ps. Why post it in every forum?

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be honest though Midfield, was it better at Highbury??

obviously clubs have to move with the times, but at the Emirates, the crowd are further away from the pitch and things like that. This has seen a detrimental effect on Derby, Leicester, Southampton, all with new grounds and sacrificed the winning of football for the nature of the business!!

Anfield has been quiet, I don't doubt, but it can still produce an atmosphere that is second to none in England. Arsenal couldn't do that, if they were about to win the league. Gone to corporate for me!!

ah yeah and another thing!!!

Plastic Flags to generate an atmosphere??? is that a London thing

:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: :yahoo:

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Guest Peppermint

The rubbish flags at Newcastle were probably provided by the owmer from his sub standard stores. They make Trago Mills look up market.

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