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Early 09/10 Prediction!!!!!!

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I wonder how the recession will effect clubs next season?

Chinese whispers are running wild already, rumours are flying!

Think the west of Cornwall might have a big input in the Premier next year.

my early predictions (before even a players been signed) and is based on rumours/whispers are as follows

Winners - Falmouth

2nd - Penzance

3rd - Bodmin

4th - Ivybridge

5th - Parkway

Dark Horses Wadebridge + Witheridge + Liskeard

Any early thoughts guys, based on the rumours?

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If I was a betting man I wouldput a few quid each way on Tavi as a good outside bet. I think Southie will be at the healmagain next year down there and he will find himself a really good number 2....someone with contatcts and who know's the right players to attract. They have reasonable money down there and fantastic facilities with the new stand, brand new 3G pitch opposite the pitch for training and if I have caught wind of the right thing Devon F.A have just held interviews for a full time Football Development Officer down at Tavistock......so with that happening they will shortly have a development centre running down there to churn out the best youngsters in the area right on Southie's doorstep......all in all a fairly professional set up and a good Manager in charge of it all.

Tavi 1st and probably a close fight for 2nd between Falmouth & Saltash.

No real interest in any of these club's and just an opinion :thumbsup:

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Guest Uncle Albert

Sounds like Mr Carey will make money talk again next season. Whatever happened to the credit crunch at Bickland Park? Rumour has it that most of the Bodmin team will be taking his cash - and I was naive enough to think they were playing for the badge at Priory Park !!!

The best local footballers will always follow the dosh. Can you blame them?

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i think penzance will be high after the season they had but not strong enough to finish top 2 because they will be exhausted with the travelling.

i will go for bodmin to retain it again (if) as people state their money problems are happening in that case i would go for a top 2 of parkway and buckland athletic

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Guest oldhat

Uncle Albert, surely you should know better than to believe rumours. Slightly disappointed also that you pass judgment on the Bodmin players so soon after they have retained the double for their club.

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what about torpoint? surely they have high hopes of climbing the league table what with their new management team starting a fresh and rumours have if they have a lot of money being pumped into the club attracting many top names to play on such great facilities?

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