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falmouth helston results 14/05

Guest shaggy torres

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Guest some call him David Bentley

its thursday today , no games have been played yet you idiot ^^^^ haha

seany boy ;)

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Div 1

Chacewater 2 Pendeen 1 h/t 2-0

A competitive and hard fought match ended with Chacewater gaining the three points that they needed to finish as runners-up in Division One on goal difference from Truro City.(by one goal!)

First half goals by Gary Pascoe (a header) and skipper Chris Tolley gave a good first half advantage but Pendeen pulled one back with about 15 minutes to play and it was a nervous last few minutes for the home support.

The match was well officiated by Paul Murphy.

The cup and medals were presented by League Secretary Gerald Sobey.

Well done to Andre and Pendeen,you have had a good season in Division One after promotion last year and appear to have some good youngsters which bodes well for the future of your club.See you next season.

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FALMOUTH ATH 2 (g.jeffrey 43,foote 64(pen)

TRISPEN 3 (Rapsey 31,59 spear 26 )

important win for trispen in a very hard fought game at athletic.trispen had the better of the 1st half before letting in a soft goal right on ht and athletic were by far the better side in the 2nd half,especially after trispen were reduced to 10 men with 25 minutes to go.definately a game of 2 halves!!!! :thumbsup:

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Thanks Quaid and thanks Bushy mate! really tough game that! athletic were superb 2nd half.we were hanging on!!! yeh nig,it was for handball on the goal line and they tucked away the penalty.ref was mr justin moses who i thought was excellent.even though we had 3 yellow's and a red,he didnt get many big decisions wrong to be fair.all down to the last 2 games now which we must win unless a miracle happens and carharrack go to mullion and get something!!!!!!! :thumbsup:

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Bit gutted about the result tonight. We didnt deserve to lose.

A defensive error gave Trispen the first and Rappo was given too much room to control the 2nd before taking it well.

But before that there was calls for a Fal penalty, plenty of Ath corners and the Trispen keeper made a good tip over the bar save.

But when a player deliberately handballs and stops an obvious goal scoring opportunity it should never of been a yellow. Were talking a Michael Jordan basketball handball here. Jack Foote would have been through on goal. Deliberate cheating.

A long range Glen Jefferies free kick the keeper fumbled made it 2-1 at half time.

2nd half it was pretty much one way traffic in Fal's favour. Apart from another Rappo goal nodding the ball in from close range.

Especially when Trispen went down to 10 men, ref had no choice when its a handball on the line and Jack scored the penalty.

Unfortunately Fal couldnt get another despite being all over Trispen like fat kid in a cake shop.

Certainly an entertaining game for the Dracaena fans. Fal lads gave it their all.

Good luck to Trispen in Div 2 next year

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Guest shaggy torres

as a mullion boy watching the game i was dissapionted that falmouth didnt come away with what to me was a diserved point. well done to the trispen lads however for holding on. as rappo said a game of 2 halves entertaining to watch and dissapointed falmouth didnt get the result but well played both teams i can see this title going down to goal differance!! oh and rappo your first was a absoult boom blaster great strike.

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Thanks alot Shaggy!!! most of my goals are usually 10 yards or closer from the net mate! its nice to hit a 30 yarder now and again! even nicer to see it fly in the top corner!! we needed it!!! thought athletic deserved a point as well.like you said,we were under alot of pressure.well done to mullion,to think its nearly the end of may and we still dont know who is going to win it,says alot about both teams i think.great season whatever happens mate :clapper:

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Guest Burnley

Well Shaggy Torres,

If you decide to sleep for the 1st 20mins of your biggest game of the season, then your gonna f****** lose. Ashley Farrow had a good game last night, knowone else wanted to know until we were 2-0 down so where does that get ya?.............well we found out didnt we!

To be honest, things that had happened before this game is what has cost Falmouth promotion.

Too many players turning up (and f****** off) when they feel like it is what i put it down too, Thats my opinion anyway.

We aren't up, and thats because we don't deserve to go up with what we've done, especially in the last month or so. We haven't been unlucky, we haven't been good enough....end of story.

Against Trispen (2nd match), Penryn made us look like mugs! Mullion!!! im not gonna go on for the sake of a few people in our team. But yeah we sucked in these games aswell.

I think the attitude and maturity of certain players (not 2 or 3, more like 6 or 7 players) at certain times in the season is another factor, and i put myself into that catergory aswell, its not about scapegoats. They know who they are, just as well as i know my own f***ups.

Again if you disagree and have got something proper to say rather than some b***s*** comment then let me know.

But i really think that i've just told it the way it is, i like to be honest about these things rather than blame it on other stuff for the sake of not upsetting people, because i have no respect for people that do that.

Best to tackle problems full on, rather than hide from it, or pass the book.

Thanks for reading.

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