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North Devon Schoolboys Under 15 - 2 East Cornwall Schoolboys 3 - Cup semi final.

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Well done to the East Cornwall schoolboys Under 15 team on a really gutsy performance to come from behind twice to deservedly win this game. North Devon took the lead when Plymouth Argyle schoolboy Jed Harper-Penman finished neatly. Both sides hit the woodwork and the game was played at a good tempo. East Cornwall equalised early in the second half through Plymouth Argyle schoolboy Jack Stephens when his shot from 20 yards was slightly deflected in. Harper-Penman restored N D lead from the penalty spot. East Cornwall dug in and showed great determination and a will to win and Plymouth Argyle schoolboy Lewis Hilton equalised with an inswinging cross that was also deflected past the keeper. 10 minutes from the end Plymouth Argyle schoolboy Jordan Copp went on a terrific run and when his shot was saved under 14 Tom?? was on the spot to finish. Everyone of the E C squad contributed to a great display which saw some other qualities to their play in contrast to the great attacking football they played in their last game when defeating Plymouth Schools. Well done to Lee and Alan both of whom showed great encouragement and enthusiasm and instilled these qualities into the boys. The Cup Final will be played next Thursday against Yeovil Schoolboys hopefully at Mount Wise Newquay but I will post exact details when confirmed.

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Lee Hazeldine and Alan Yendell are fantastic mangers and have a great record with getting teams to Schoolboy finals. I think that the under 14 lad was probably Tom Ellacott from Launceston. Did the under 14 keeper play, Sam Trudgeon?

I missed the game as I was at the County Schools Football AGM in which all teachers from Primary and Secondary Schools are invited and encouraged to attend. There were 9 people at the AGM,4 of whom are on the Schools Commitee. Not a great turn out to say the least. There are a few people who run the majority of all the schools football with often little support or interset from schools.

Luckily from the school set up we have a very strong minoirty to include the guys above, Brian Baker, Andy Harvey, Ray Brown, Jake Ash, Glynn Hooper, Ashley Bradshaw, Dan Inch, Paul Daymond and myself.

Anyone with a teaching background interseted in helping out can contact me or attend the next meeting in sept!!

Well done to the u15's. See you up Mount Wise for the final.

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The boys have been amazing and it has been a pleasure to manage them over the past 2 seasons. The trip to south Molten in an old school mini bus was interesting, however the performance of the lads made it all worthwhile and yet again Cornwall are in another final.

With the possibiltity Bodmin centre of excellence closing, this may be the only opportunity for lads of 14 and 15 to play at a top level in Cornwall. This frustrates me as consistently game after game Cornish teams have beaten other counties, consisting of players made up from professional clubs.

The Cornwall schools Football is run by volunteer teachers who often provide money out of their own pocket to give these youngsters a chance to play at the highest level. It was nice to see a former captain (Ollie Brokenshire) play so well in the county senior final, however I have no doubt that if half of the players who have represented East Cornwall would have lived London or any other major city then they would now be playing professionally.


And finally a massive thanks to Jim and Tina Hilton who travel to each game ferrying around the Newquay based players and making my job as manger a whole lot easier!

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Get to work.

East Cornwall Schools 0-1 Bingo!! :P

See you tonight mate. Ask yendell if there are any funds to support the presentation night later? ha ha.

Another big thanks to Newquay AFC for hosting this game.

Good luck monday,

Do you need any more of my under 14s? (TRUDGIAN? Can email his college for you)

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