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All Change At The Top?!?!

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So if we are to believe the rumours with regards to managerial changes next season in the ECPL it should make for an interesting and open season!

Torpoint - Champions. Rumour (and that is only what has been picked up from this website so don't start having a go!) that Ricky may be moving on to run the Firsts. Would have thought IF that is the case then some of the players from the impressive Torpoint squad could also make the step up.

Saltash - Runners up and Supplementary Cup winners. Martin Burgess would appear to be taking over at Vospers and no doubt some of his players may follow suit. Will be interesting to see who takes over.

Launceston - 3rd place and League Cup Winners. Andy Hunt is stepping down as manager. Don't think he is looking to run another team and so I assume the players may stay depending on who takes over. I think 3 or 4 of them, from another impressive squad, were playing First Team football come the end of the season and would hope to continue with them next season.

Have not heard any rumours about Sticker, Bere Alston (though Coach KT has already said he is looking forward to challenging next year so am assuming he's not going anywhere!) or St Stephen. With Parkway romping Division 1 one would assume they too, should they keep their squad together, will be there or there abouts.

A couple of weeks of well deserved respite I should imagine now for all the teams and coaching staff before everything will be "kicking off" again! I for one have greatly enjoyed this season, watching some quality games and some quality teams.

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