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Booze and Football.

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I took this as a quote from Harry Redknapp. I must say I agree with everything he says. I could be wrong but this doesn't seem to happen in Italy or Spain where there is a different attitude towards alcohol and sport.

What do other people think?

"People make mistakes. It's not right, though, and it can't happen. I don't think there is any place for drinking in football.

"The rewards are so fantastic now. Modern day footballers are top-class athletes and they should look after themselves."

Redknapp believes too many players are not aware of their social responsibly to set a good example to others.

He also feels that modern-day football has a drinking culture similar to that which existed during his playing days in the 1970s.

"Yes I do, too much goes on still," he said.

"It's every football club. Not as much as it used to years ago, sure, but it still goes on."

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Guest Sport Lover

To me its quite simple if your being paid anything from £10,000 a week to £150,000 a week the least you can do is stay off the drink for 9 months of the year.

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I could be wrong but this doesn't seem to happen in Italy or Spain where there is a different attitude towards alcohol and sport.

The likes of Ronaldo (the Brazilian one), Ronaldinho, Robinho were notorious in Spain for their frequent visits to Madrid's many night clubs and strip bars. Maldini was the same in Italy and so once again was Brazilian Ronaldo.

The same stuff happens all over the world, it's just that in places such as Spain and Italy and Portugal etc, drinking with dinner and friends etc is part of their culture and not such a big deal.

I am one of those people that agrees with Redknapp's opinion BUT as long as the player shows up for work and trains as hard as the rest of the squad and his performances are not compromised, why shouldn't these guys be allowed to let their hair down every once in a while?.

Ledley King WAS an idiot to behave how he did last weekend, however, the man has been in Spurs' 1st team for over a decade and how many times have you seen him associated with such incidents?. In comparison to so many other footballers out there, he's a bloody angel.

Don't forget that it's not too long ago that our very own national captain and a few mates were giving somebody a racially motivated kicking and our national vice captain was in court for affray.

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I only saw the headline and I started laughing. Everyone who has a job - whatever it is - is under pressure. It doesn't mean you have to get blotto to relax does it?

I was trying to keep off the Ledley King business and make a more general comment. Yes, Coopsie I agree that it's very much a one-off for him and compared to what others get up to it's a storm in a teacup. To my mind when you are earning that sort of money as a top athlete then getting hammered should be a no-go area.

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

Booze and Football, as a fan the two go together, either to drown sorrows or to celebrate. It also help lubricate the old vocal chords prior to a match. At our level of sport, there are not too many football/cricket/rugby clubs that could survive if you took the clubhouse away, one goes with the other.

As far as Prem players go, they are unfairly treated. They are employed as footballers and unless it is written into their contracts that they must not drink at all for 10 months, then the employers cannot complain. As long as the drinking is not excessive ( a few beers once a week never hurt anyone ) and does not affect the performance of the player, then where is the problem ?

How many clubs are sponsored by Carlsberg or some other alcoholic branding ? Happy to take the money in but knock the players for using the sponsors products !

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