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  1. Ain't majority of the players in the western and swpl just drop outs from Pro clubs. And tbf majority don't look any better than the local talent in fact look worse due to not being able to cut it physically normally. Also if Orlando is doing well in the swpl he will easily do well in Western, people need to stop thinking its a huge step up when it isn't.
  2. Money talks. And that's what these players do, go where they can get an extra fiver or well in this case probably a big signing on fee and over a hundred a game. Helston paying all that money, yet performances haven't proved to reflect it. Losing 3 goal margins, dropping points to teams with near on zero budget. The amount they are paying they should be walking league. Not saying they're doing bad because they're not, but the standard isn't much better than SWPL, bare a few teams. I still think Helston will be up there come end of season though. Be a good test the weekend vs bitton.
  3. Good result for cally, said it for a while that they been unlucky in results, always losing by 1 goal when probably should of took something away from them games and getting a draw against an inform Liskeard team proves they can compete with the best in the league. See bodmin scraped a win which should of been comfortable for them. Would it be classed as bringing in a ringer now landricombe isn't their full time player haha but launceston unlucky not to come away with what they deserved.
  4. I'd put the stadium on hold. You're getting more people watching teams in peninsula and western league than truro at bolithio, give them their due it's a couple hours from home, but having a measly 100 watching is pretty embarrassing for a club at that level, and like I said seeing teams in a lower league get better attendance
  5. Liskeard attack got the potential to bully Helston back line, Millbrook v Blazey could be interesting. Good to see sticker or launceston will be in next round considering both probably least favourites left in the tournament. Saltash be double checking the rule book for this comp.
  6. Think they had a few missing, but the team was still strong that was put out.
  7. There wasn't this much fuss on the reverse fixture when Millbrook were denied a definite pen.
  8. What's the controversial all about? Ref got it right... And it's what Millbrook deserved, in fact they deserved to win the game. Would love to see the comparison in money dished out from both teams.
  9. Can understand if players are missing and the gaps needs filling, I just hope some poor sod doesn't miss out because another has been dragged in from a league which isn't even that much better as stated by others and games I've witnessed. Do bodmin not have a reserve side they can pick from? This duel signings etc needs looking at, I'm pretty sure in leagues lower down the pyramid you can't bring in players signed on from higher leagues. I'm talking a few leagues lower. Again Callington with a narrow defeat, always seem to be losing games by 1 goal. Seems like luck isn't on their side at the moment.
  10. St Austell are not the team they once were 4-5 year ago, most used to be part of the 2nd team for years and have now made the step up to the first team.
  11. Little dip in form from launceston. 3 narrow defeats on the bounce now against mediocre appointments.
  12. That Vincent is slower than carts, and also half the player to. Can't see him being a starter for parkway
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