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  1. Absolutely agree Richard I have just seen the video. Although not affliated with the club I'm a Redruth man and spent my time playing for a few different clubs at Clijah. If any help is needed with what is bound to be a big clean up I will happily come and help out.
  2. Anywhere free because they won't pay the 80 quid a week for the travellers site
  3. Makes a mockery of the system when you can smash through a padlock and park up anywhere you like. If anyone has huge boulders available now is the time to move them!
  4. It looks like football pitches around the county have become host to our annual visitors. I walked past Clijah today and it is a redcoat or two away from a full holiday park. I really feel for the guys and girls down there who have put in a lot of effort to turn it around only for it to be undone by a grinder through a padlock. Was it Perranporth that had the same problem? How has the clean up been?
  5. It would be great to see pictures of some of these old kits! Was there ever a stand out kit a la goalkeepers of the 90s?
  6. Maybe there is something in this? What about a penny floater five a side summer comp?
  7. Also if leagues above are cancelled but leagues below continue what would happen with regards to promotion and relegation? Call the season off and leave open the door for potential friendlies with teams that can offer covid secure facilities and want to play them without there being pressures.
  8. Trelawny League Bubble Cup 2021? Champions league style I'm suggesting!
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