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  1. Not at any point did I suggest Tony Pulis might be a “candidate” for the Bournemouth job. I was merely pointing out he lived in the area. I wish I hadn’t bothered. Having spent the last few weeks reading the posts on this forum, it is clear there are an abundance of ‘clever dicks’ on here whose response to newbies is frankly pathetic.
  2. If I was a player there is no way in this world would I clap Mike Dean onto the pitch !!
  3. Lampard was indeed linked with the vacancy, but I also read he wanted time away from the game. To chase Thierry Henry as was also rumoured was surely a case of Bournemouth hierarchy getting a tad carried away with themselves. Notwithstanding he might have settled into the millionaire lifestyle of Sandbanks, lack of knowledge and experience in the Championship would have found him out. Woodgate’s appointment by out going boss Jason Tindall was very much strange given that the pair of them barely knew each other (according to Woodgate). His record at Middlesbrough was not over impressive a
  4. Thanks to Keith and Bruegel for your responses. Keith - Comments noted, agreed with and no offence taken ! With hindsight, I might have reworded my post, but I’m missing involvement in the game so much since relocating that my enthusiasm to get back in probably took over. Bruegel - Sound advice which again I do take on board. I’ll approach my most local club and see how it develops. More than happy to get my hands dirty through volunteering during the week and in a matchday and then see where it leads. Thanks again and Merry Xmas to all who use this site.
  5. Good afternoon i have recently relocated to the south east area of Cornwall and I am keen to get involved with a non league club looking for volunteers. I have recent experience at Boardroom level and on the commercial side at non league level 3 and 4 and currently run my own business, so can offer experience and expertise in the commercial, business and marketing areas. Ideally I would be looking to be involved at committee/board level. A full hands-on approach and commitment would be guaranteed if the right ‘project’ is available. Please do get in touch if you have any suitabl
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