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  1. Hi all Iam the secretarySt Dominick Fc and I was also the St Dominick linesman yesterday at the match withSt Columb. I would like to put a more balanced view to this argument that is showing our club in a very poor light. The offside incident was obviously at the other end of the pitch from me so I am in no position to offer any view on whether it was or was not offside it was however a critical point in the game as the score was 1-1 at the time.These decisions are made in all junior matches and in all my years of being involved with football are always contentious and cause bad feeling and I am sure if it was me at the other end giving that decision I would have had plenty said to me aswell. It did in all ways change the spirit of the match and after we went behind due to a correctly awarded penalty the head Butt incident happened.The player head butted was not the player that made the challenge and the fracas that happened was in no way one sided both sets of players plus the substitutes and managers we all involved but to be fair for the most part it was handbags and the referee did well to identify the problem and sent the st columb player off for the violent conduct. From here on in st columb scored a 3rd goal and went on to win the game there was no further bad feeling between the sides I feel very disappointed with the attitude of all the people who have made the comments on this thread as both sides were as bad as each other it was a very keenly fought even game of football that has been blow totally out of proportion. well done to St Columb you won fair and square in the end and I suggest that we leave it to that , it happens in junior football all the time and condemning clubs on here does not help!!
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