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  1. It’s certainly put a number of Cornish Clubs “out there” in terms of all the Television content and media exposure available now, it’s got to be a positive for players having the chance to play fixtures against teams which are covering games via Tv and live feeds? It gives ambitious players a possible route through to higher level aspirations rather than before where you may have a mention in the local paper and that’s about it🤷‍♂️. I just think as a neutral it’s a benefit for all (even if some will never admit it) Just to add, I’m a regular listener to the fantastic Rappo and Deacs podcast which I believe is also another big step to raising the Cornish Football profile, very professionally put together and a real in depth assessment of all things football in Cornwall, lots of interviews (Managers and Players) and asking the questions that people want answers to! All these Platforms are contributing to putting Cornwall “out there” and I truly believe it’s beneficial for all of us.
  2. I’m pretty sure Steve Massey has already recently spoke on the Cornish Soccer Podcast about his incentives towards players at Helston Fc which in my opinion that’s they’re business, if it’s coming from a sole individual then that’s a very uncertain future, how many Clubs have fallen foul of this situation in Cornwall? The list goes on and on and with that I include my own Penzance AFC of course, as Helston go inevitably higher up the ladder the financial juggernaut grows with it, I personally wish Helston all the best and believe they are raising the profile of Cornish Football for all of us. As always time will tell…………
  3. What was the thinking in playing at Parkway though?? These attendance figures surely prove a point!, I can’t help thinking that the poor support is also having an inevitable affect on the performances
  4. Well after seeing pictures of Tyler Harvey celebrating yesterday to a quite honestly “pathetic” crowd I do wonder wether there’s actually a positive future for TCFC? With crowds of 250+ at Helston and Tavi yesterday and other local teams pulling in decent attendances from the Peninsula leagues is it really a good move for a Club to push for constant promotions to reach the National Leagues? Falmouth Town are inevitably the next Club everyone’s looking at to push on and join Helston, Mousehole etc in the Western League and no doubt have an enviable following locally, not so sure they would have the numbers away when the trips become harder and further afield? I just feel the whole TCFC setup aren’t really sure of their own future themselves.
  5. Just out of interest which were your favourite and least favourite places to play in Cornwall !! I’ll start this off, Favourite would have to be Bickland Park, and least would have been Perranwell.
  6. Let’s not lose sight of the original Topic people, at the end of the day the guys involved with the current top teams are going to attract attention some positive some negative it comes with the territory, Steve Massey I’m sure would embrace the attention good and bad he would know more than most that it’s par for the course, I just enjoy the responses from members that know him personally to understand more about the character that causes so much interest and divide.
  7. It’s a forum for open speech and opinions, if you don’t like it don’t get involved! Why don’t you create a forum where you can be the singular moderator and then your able to reject all the opinions and topics that you don’t agree with……… bet it would be a real hit
  8. Thanks Rappo interesting honest opinion, expanding on what you were saying about Mass having time to speak to people I seen him at Penlee Park at Penzance v Falmouth and he was openly chatting to lots of the crowd whom many were too young to know who is was to be honest. Like i said before lots of Clubs would love him in their dugout (though many wouldn’t admit it !!)
  9. Divides opinion more often than not but after following his adventures on you tube and through the Cornish Soccer Podcast with Deacs and Rappo and other outlets I’ve grown a fondness for the passionate driving force behind Helston Fc, I genuinely believe he has raised the profile of Cornish football and I believe lots of other Cornish Clubs would love to have a Steve Massey in their dugout each week, I genuinely enjoy listening to his interviews and his opinions on football, just interested to see everyone else’s views on the main man at Helston?? I’d also like to mention the Deacs and Rappo podcast which I also highly recommend gets better and better every episode!
  10. Another source close to the Club told me Pendeen were having a reserves next year and Wayne was in line to run it? Would make sense ?
  11. Pretty sure Pendeen would take Wayne back in a heartbeat, man lived and breathed that Club whilst there and speaking to numerous players/associates with the club they would love to have him back.
  12. I agree, Mousehole did grow into the game but as pretty as the possession passing is it didn’t have much effect, I would be looking for some physical presence in the final third maybe as a target man? Looked like an U16s side playing a men’s side size wise. Always seem to have plenty of subs at their disposal but they all look like they’re treading water at this level, Turner very frustrated with the lack of penetration into attacking areas which was evident, I also think they’re skipper is starting to not offer enough at this step as well (but been a great player for them), just my opinion which means nothing 😂
  13. Fantastic player who played on the edge, great player to have in your team but an absolute arse if he’s against you ! All the best in your retirement Shane. (Although I’m sure a few clubs will be testing the water from the western league)
  14. Good opportunity for a team to play on a fantastic pitch
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