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  1. Am I right in thinking that if I use 16.16.16 at half the rate you have applied 7.7.7, the pitch will basically receive a similar amount of feed?
  2. Older, Many thanks for detailed reply. What do you think about a tractor that cuts and mulches? Could this exacerbate the need for a scarifier rake if the grass doesn't fully breakdown when left on?
  3. Older, do you have a recommendation on where one like this can be purchased?
  4. Bobjfh, i agree that the young referee at the Sticker vs Dobwalls had a very mixed game. He is young but been reffing now a few years and being coached by Mr Brown. You correctly mention the softest pen ever seen. Score was 0-0 at the time and decisions like this change games. Later in the game the Sticker keeper was dangerously taken out by a Dobwalls player. I'm pretty sure most people in the ground sure it as a red card however the young referee in front of the Dobwalls dugout showed a yellow. Decisions like this change games.
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