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  1. Would it be possible to just have an extra group in each section and divide it up again, so you play 6 games rather than 8 or 10 games? Basically add an extra group.
  2. No they didn’t have to get changed out in the rain and also Hayle didn’t take all the changing rooms. As I told Lee and his assistant a fair few times, there was a changing room for them to use, but had to be 6 in at a time, like Hayle was told and did as well. Thank you for your concerns much appreciated.
  3. There is an available 3G pitch at Hayle every week, that could be used to get a fixture played.
  4. Don’t get me wrong bud, a lot of clubs use the facility as a whole for training etc. In fact most if not every night is fully booked. For me it’s just when games get called off, rather than cancelling etc maybe the leagues could look into using the 3G as an option. Been a lot of talk about artificial pitches etc, there are a couple around that just don’t get used on a Saturday when they could do. It’s only an idea.
  5. As Hayle don’t have a game for 3 weeks because of fixtures 🤦🏻‍♂️. Why not take advantage of the 3G and get a game played? Perhaps something the league could look into. Only idea.
  6. Then why not take advantage of the ones that are available now. Hayle first team have no fixture for 3 weeks, and the 2nd team are away for 3 weeks, the main pitch and 3G are available for that period but not one league has asked to use it for postponed etc games.
  7. Hayle have NOT withdrawn from any games this season be it first team or second team. Last season I believe was the third team, which has since gone. Both sides first and seconds are strong this season and the club is moving forward. Thank you for your concerns.
  8. Why bring Hayle into this? Hayle had there own game. Grow up!
  9. Like I said clearly you haven’t been to Hayle’s ground. So again shhhhhh 🤫
  10. Clearly you haven’t been to Hayle’s grounds, when talking about facilities. So in a word shhhhh! 🤫
  11. Well done Hayle quality result today, credit to the club, against a good porthleven side. Both sides played good football and both a credit to the combo league. Good luck to Porthleven for the rest of the season, definitely going to up there all season. Good club and great people running it.
  12. No game Bob, next Hayle game is home to Lizard in the cup on Saturday with a 1400 kick off.
  13. Pz have a winnable game on Saturday against st Dennis, they win that game there mid table. Couple of bad results granted, but at same time could be mid table after Saturday’s game. It’s not all doom and gloom.
  14. Hayle first team now require a home friendly this Saturday Aug 3rd after being let down, we have ref sorted and paid for, just need a side to play. Contact me on here if your available and keen to play. Many thanks.
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