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  1. Have a fantastic rest of the season "The Waltz". Keep calm and give me a call - 07470279060
  2. Almost, almost as much as you got bombed from your own house didn't you? ouch...
  3. Tell you what is positive, how it won't be long until your bombed from Lanson soon. Nice to see Dan making positive improvements with his squad.
  4. You've got to be a special type of creature to comment on a post as a fake profile and then respond to yourself as you, might need need a MOT for your wellbeing mate.
  5. That was the murmurs last night around the tea hut last night. I'd suggest that the current Callington managerial set up are happy, but must be concerned that Matt won't pull the players from underneath them?
  6. Coincidence that he's left and now the performance's and results and turning slightly? or is that very cynical
  7. Perhaps, his comments pointed to him having a fallout and leaving. Couldn't imagine any other manager in the league not managing his side when they have a fixture to attend another game? - especially after such a long ban has been reduced? @Dave DeaconHow good was James Lorenz last night? any stand out players for Callington?
  8. Axminster Town 3-1 St Dennis Brixham 3-1 Sticker Callington Town 2-2 Bodmin Town Camelford 4-1 Dartmouth Cullompton Rangers 3-0 Elmore Elburton Villa 1-2 St Austell Honiton Town 1-1 Plymouth Marjon (2.30pm) Ivybridge Town 4-0 Torrington Liskeard Athletic 4-2 Wadebridge Town Sidmouth Town 0-5 Falmouth Town St Blazey 3-0 Penzance Stoke Gabriel & Torbay Police 0-7 Okehampton Argyle Torpoint Athletic 3-2 Newquay Torridgeside 1-1 Crediton United Wendron United 3-2 Bovey Tracey
  9. I took in Bodmin vs Lanson last night, whilst it was a relatively tame game, the biggest talking point was seeing Matt Hayden at the game. Begs a huge questions as to what has happened? does this mean he has now left Callington? I know there was him signing from Bodmin in pre season. Does this mean that is back on the cards, very strange that he wouldn't be watching his own side. Did maybe over hear a conversation near the tea hut that he's left after a falling out with the chairmen at Callington. Sounds like a cracking game at Lux Park though, maybe I choose the wrong game last night!
  10. In fairness, the money in general in local football is crazy. Most teams now producing budgets of £30 a player on a match day x2 if they are playing twice at the moment - with most clubs adding a little bit of quality to there squads & having 1-2 on £50-70. That's without signing bonus' which are increasingly usual nowadays.
  11. I'm sure if you was looking for some diesel during this current shortage it wouldn't be that hard to find...
  12. Bit of a strange personal vendetta against Matt, so it seems. How very strange!
  13. Both was related to a football topic. Maybe let's not try to suppress other's when joining a discussion and you'll be fine 👍
  14. Previously I've had two threads deleted due to not being allowed to either ask an question on both occasions about a topic. Suppose it just goes down to who you are on this forum at times.
  15. Have just seen that you’ve liked a tweet by Matt Hayden saying the appeal was a success. Any update?
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