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  1. Yes mate. Literally in the last few minutes. Just waiting on official confirmation but it is looking that way. At erme have just been in touch. In which case I will be available for the storm match. I’ve inboxed onions. Thank you
  2. Keep me in mind for future matches. Just starting up but am already doing st erme match this weekend. I’d come over if you could do an early kick off but probably toolate to organise that for you
  3. I’ve always said that this is a huge issue. Grassroots players are always to blame when it comes to abuse of referees. Obviously they have to take responsibility for their own actions but as you go higher, behaviours gets worse. Refs also ref the matches differently. Higher you go, the worse the abuse gets. Direct swearing at ref regularly unpunished as an example. We pay to play at our level and yet one swear word in frustration on you’re sent off and banned from playing a game you love. I think players are starting to look at their own behaviours more at grassroots level but things won’t cha
  4. Shite. So I may fit in well 😂😂😂. In all seriousness, Just like to give something back and too old to play now
  5. Not done my qualifications but If anyone is without a ref, happy to travel as a neutral for a fee. Hoping to do the qualification when the next course is available ( Covid permitting). Live in Truro but can travel. reffed about 10 matches so not a complete newby. Played for nearly 30 years
  6. Constantine reserves possibly looking for a final friendly next Wednesday at our place before the start of our season, 6.15 kick off. Drop me a message if any Club fancies it.
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