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  1. Struggle to understand players of that level getting paid and debilitating the hard work done behind the scenes at clubs. Surprised he's not off to St.Ives next or dollar delabole
  2. Correct result 👍 Penryns front pair not cutting the mustard for me. Still time to change it around, few big names coming in maybe. Thought the lad coming off at half time was hard done by
  3. Penryn missing key players at the back and in the middle. Hopefully get Shaw and that tall ginger kid wide to cause some danger 2-2
  4. Last time someone spoke to Kyle he was looking at Taunton. Don't think he'd be looking this far down if true!
  5. I know for a fact Harry has 3 new players waiting on paperwork. Doubt it'll be ready in time for the weekend but will be ready for St.day in the cup which should be a tasty fixture, couple of big names coming down from up the line too. Hopefully like I said this is just a blip
  6. If you're a gambling man I'd put Penryn to win some silverware for sure this year just note sure which
  7. Good luck to both teams to the season think this may be just a blip in the road for Harry, who I'm sure will be letting those boys know how disappointed he is with last night.
  8. The wendys should wipe the floor v the mullion mob. Think Redruth could upset the title faves too!
  9. St.Ives has spent some major money this season i expect them to be getting top 2. Mousehole 2nd. Anyone else to go down. But I think their may need to be a FFP investigation or two. Train tickets don't cost £200 a week 🤫🤔
  10. Could see a last minute move to Penryn, manager and players big fans of him. Surely need some fresh blood after last night's performance. Few players missing doesn't account for that drubbing
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