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  1. You are correct, of course. But the point still strands, £6 is not unreasonable or a rip off. As volunteers, we give our time for free to ensure our clubs run. Part of that is making sure the books balance. It is a thankless task of course and there is always somebody out there that can do better (actually do better, and there are those who talk a good job), All of us at clubs would like more volunteers. We are lucky at Newquay, we have a wide ranging skill set at the club, with some relatively young blood. Many clubs have elderly committees that can't attract a younger age range. Maybe some
  2. Yes, we do charge £6 for entry to watch Newquay. We haven't had an income since March, like all clubs. However, we are refurbishing the clubhouse and Canteen, which doesn't come for free. We also repaired the roof of the clubhouse, which again really wasn't a cheap job. We are upgrading our floodlights, again... not cheap. We have played two home games where we have had to pay to use another ground, so no actual income coming in. Many clubs at our level across the country charge £6. A friend of mine is chairman at Atherton LR in the NWCFL and they have charged £6 for the last two seasons. We c
  3. No, but it did take place in the Kitchen Kit Peninsula League of which this forum covers.
  4. Hi Tezza, relax bro, Leeds United are Premier League, you have something to smile about. Grab a run through fields of poppies, smile and be happy x
  5. Cracking result that, well done to all at Saltash. There was some great results last night, Newton Spurs, Brixham and Saltash getting through.
  6. We are running a Facebook competition to win a Family ticket to the Penzance game on Saturday. Just follow our facebook page, like the post, share the post and tag anybody who you think would like to be in with a chance of winning. There will also be a family ticket in one of the brand new programmes for the Street FA Vase game on the 19th.
  7. Bitton are a good side and made for an entertaining game which either side could have won. However, it was a controversial refereeing decision that took the game to penalties after a perfectly good Bucks goal was disallowed for a foul on the keeper. The keeper came running off his line and collided with the Bucks striker and hit the floor. In the build up, there was a handball by a Bitton player and when he blew we thought it was for a penalty as the ball crossed the line.
  8. Buckland Athletic were hard done by by the referee having a late goal disallowed for a foul. If VAR was in use, it would have been overturned. This is not to take anything away from Bitton who played very well and made for an entertaining game.
  9. Off to watch Buckland Athletic v Bitton tonight. It's a great opportunity for the Bucks to progress with the distance Bitton have to travel and the fact they will have one eye on the FA Vase Semi-Final against Consett coming up.
  10. I don't even know who Steve is. But on his behalf, thanks love x Trying not to sound negative to your film, which as mentioned is good. Bridgwater isn't actually Bridgewater.
  11. An enjoyable film and the music added to the quality. It's great to see clubs at our level putting so much energy into promoting themselves. It's time we all put the effort into the promotion of our clubs, too many of us have a few old men watching from the sidelines and we need to attract new blood to our clubs. Videos are vital to attracting the young.
  12. Well that was the shortest postponement ever. The game v Exeter City is back on tonight at South Devon College.
  13. Well that was the shortest postponement ever. The game v Exeter City is back on tonight at South Devon College.
  14. Sadly, due to a waterlogged pitch their game against Exeter City was cancelled tonight. Therefore, they are looking for a club who can host them tomorrow. Is anybody available tomorrow? We cannot host them at Newquay because of our floodlight problems, but they are a great club and will be a good workout if anybody can host.
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