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  1. Well that's somewhat unnerving.... I applaud you Leeds, but I need a staff drink now.
  2. Yeah, sorry about not having a programme. Unfortunately, time did not allow due to working and a schoolboy error with saving, which meant no programme.
  3. St Austell 2 Saltash United 3 I really should remember to do these predictions.
  4. Oh Tezza, You did so well, but then the old claws had to come out. I had hope, I felt joy.... and then you crushed it. You should have come and said Hi, I would have bought you a drink and made you very welcome to our club. Nice clubhouses do not win games, but the clubhouse is just the start for us. We have a lot of work to do, to turn the club around, we have many years of neglect to sort out.
  5. Terry lad, I have been waiting for you. I do miss you when Bodmin lose or Newquay win. Callington defended like Lions and their keeper was outstanding. We quite literally camped in their half, but that's football. Big Spending 😂 Mr Huddy chap, have you been crushing up candy sticks and sniffing them? You appear to be on a sugar rush.....
  6. Sorry, I don't know which club you are with? I have not been on here that long.....
  7. That's brilliant, how do you get twinned with a German football club? It is a pretty sad indication that you can potentially get to Berlin and back in about the same time you I can do a 160 mile round trip on our train network.
  8. Not as much as you would think. If the flight times would match train times, I could leave and be back at the same time as I am with Newquay. Granted, I do stuff up the club, so that adds time. But if I lived in London, I could leave later than I do to Newquay, have a beer and a bratwurst, watch the game and be home faster than I can from Newquay to Teignmouth. If Exeter Airport can sort itself out after Flybe folded, I reckon I would be able to do it in less time to watch Union than I could Newquay.
  9. I would think it isn't doable these days. I personally am from a rugby league background and could knock up a match report in no time for that. But football for match reports is not my forte, plus by the time I have finished social media and only half watched a game because I am updating Twitter and Facebook as well as updates for Radio St Austell Bay, I miss loads. I just want a couple of beers before travelling home to Devon after a match. From leaving home at 06:30 to getting home at 23:00 if the train runs on time, I really don't have the energy or inclination to be writing match reports.
  10. I hope Godolphin come good, the rivalry is great for both clubs and the town, not to mention the league. There is however, no intention of merging Newquay AFC with Godolphin or anybody else. We have worked very hard with new officers and committee to stop the rot at Mount Wise and have started to turn the club around. With a fresh outlook and renewed optimism, we have a clear path to follow as Newquay AFC. A merger is not on the agenda in the short-term, or the long-term. There is no reason why the town cannot host two teams. In Newton Abbot they have three clubs, Buckland Athletic, Spurs
  11. Bless you Terry, I love your Newquay rants it keeps me entertained....
  12. Hi Cornish, I wouldn't believe everything you hear, if indeed anything. I have been around sport for a very long time and psychology and mind games are a big part of that. Obviously, I am not amiss to the irony in that statement and ultimately you will hold your opinion no matter what I say. Terry knows, who he is. It's just a game he plays that winds some people up. Fair play to him,
  13. Hi Tel, I personally find some of your opinions funny. However, in various guises I have seen you run down Newquay many times though, but hey, we can't all like every club. My offer still stands, I will let you come to the club as my guest and will show you the work we have done to improve the club. You were not wrong when you stated the club "haven't invested previously in the behind the scenes stuff". Though currently we have invested in the new roof, the floodlights, the clubhouse and the canteen, so that bit of your comment was wrong. The Crowdfunder is to help us continue the w
  14. I remember as a kid being at Burnden Park watching Bolton Wanderers. I remember it was that wet and cold that the cups of tea my Dad and I had just seemed to go on forever. Even the rainwater that mixed with the crap instant tea was warmer than the air around us.
  15. Hi Cornish, Again, I reiterate we do not pay the money to anybody, that you think we do. We have a hardworking committee built from a wide range of talents and skillsets who are giving everything to improve the club. The way to build any club is to get people to believe in what you are doing and when they do, they will come. Like I offered to Terry, I am happy to invite you as a guest of mine to look at what we have achieved already, what we want to do, and explain why we have a Crowdfunder. I am also happy to talk you through my own personal experience at growing sports clubs and
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