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  1. Judging by previous posts on various threads regarding the resumption of the season it seems most people are in favour of what other leagues have decided to do, it's common sense surely! No changing rooms, no club house access, and more. Trying to rearrange fixtures is going to be a nightmare.
  2. Laffs top bloke and manager, will do very well there, I doubt we will see Blazey in the spotlight for the wrong reasons with him in charge. I know first hand that Laffs creates an environment where the players know who is in charge, they will respect that and it will show on and off the pitch.
  3. With step 3-6 deciding to curtail the season as of now, will step 7 follow suit? Would be helpful to know sooner rather than later!
  4. Boris today saying schools wont be back until 8th of March, does that confirm what we all agree is the right course of to action and void the season again.
  5. Plymouth Parkway and Truro City to merge and become Truro Parkway F.C. You heard it hear first. Not a bad first and second team.
  6. The players and management involved are a disgrace to St Blazey FC and the SWPL. They think they are better than they are which has inflated their ego's so they think anything goes. If no fines or suspensions are given out by the CFA or FA then the players should offer to donate their hefty expenses to a local charity for the remainder of the season!
  7. Stu Nicholls is one of the older players I was talking about in a previous post, he played very well Saturday along with another older player Mike Arscott, his partner at Centre half Zack Williams was also very good, the whole Hayle team played very well. Every player was comfortable in possession which is not always seen at this level. Was good to see Justin Miles turning out for Perranwell, another good older player.
  8. Thank you for confirming, during that 15 min spell I thought Perranwell tried to play more football which unsettled Hayle until they got to grips with it. The long ball was quite predictable and easily dealt with by the Hayle back 4. Both teams seemed to have a good mix of younger and older players in their squad. As I said above the number 9 or as pointed out 19 stood out for Perranwell, I think he would suit possibly moving to a more footballing side. Hayle seem to have a talented squad of players.
  9. Hayle 7-1 Perranwell The Hayle pitch looked fantastic before and after this entertaining match for home fans and neutrals like myself, Perranwell set their stall from kick off by pumping a long ball out for a throwin. Hayle the complete opposite looked to play the ball on the ground whenever they could. Hayle completely dominated this game apart from a 15 min spell in the second half when Perranwell scored a very good consolation goal. I think I have all the scorers Hayle- Cameron Irish, Kyle Hampton, Mike Arscott, Kane Williams 3, Stuart Nicholls. The supporter I got the
  10. Any games likely to survive tomorrow's deluge? I'd imagine Hayle can use the 3g if pitch isn't playable, very lucky to have such good facilities.
  11. This would also mean that the majority of both teams wouldn't of been allowed to travel down for the game! As for the Blazey "supporters" they would all probably drink in the same pub as the management, they think they are hooligans. In a group they think they are fighters, get one on his own and they would run a mile. The only way to get rid of these chavs is to sack the management and get proper people back in the once great club.
  12. Football is back, let's not moan about what clubs have in place to try and deal with covid-19 guidelines! A club could get into trouble via a fine etc because someone decides in their opinion to point out what a club wasn't offering or not providing before they have all the facts and information.
  13. So you can find the time and muster some effort and extract yourself from your keyboard to go to the clubhouse and look through the window to find something wrong, do this on a match day and you might actually find you enjoy yourself! Stranger things have happened.
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