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  1. If 2 teams from west make it to the final then probably be played at Bude! Or St Ives if two East teams in final.
  2. A nice trip to Launceston for Hayle, reward for winning the group! A
  3. It's brilliant that teams want to progress through the pyramid and test themselves at a higher level, clubs need to be applauded for willing to travel etc, people coming on here only pointing out negatives about the distance to away games are just boring now, those people are mostly the same ones that moan about players that are to good for the league not testing themselves at the higher level. Not all players want to be big fish in a little pond.
  4. As much as I want to play games it doesn't seem worth all the hassle, nothing to play for really, from the 29th of March teams can train again, I'm pretty sure most players would be happy to get back to training.
  5. I understand that changing rooms are not allowed to be used either, which is obviously a problem.
  6. As stated in previous threads it starts the week commencing the 12th of April, can we assume the first game will be Sat 17th, hopefully it is as I need to get out of doing things around the house
  7. With the SWPL teams not playing, will they now flood their the second teams who play in St Pirans to give them game time? Helston, Porthleven, Falmouth, Mousehole. Some teams may find this daunting and some may enjoy the opportunity. The team I play for would relish getting stuck into the "big boys".
  8. That clears that up a bit thank you
  9. If the league committee vote against playing the cup competition as the with the swpl then it cant go ahead, unless they are called friendlies.
  10. After reading the latest posts on the swpl thread regarding the cup competition now not taking place due to fans not being allowed in until mid may and clubhouses not being able to sell refreshments unless being ordered and consumed at tables, will the St Pirans follow this guidance. (Full statement on SWPL website)
  11. No point in a cup competition or friendly matches to take up a few weeks and then to have the usual summer off before pre season! Football clubs aren't just run on match days, most of the work is done leading up to the game (kit washing-drying, pitch preparation, and lots more). All this comes at a cost to the club without money coming the other way. Start next season at the usual time where fans will be allowed back in and players can use the changing rooms and have a beer after.
  12. Judging by previous posts on various threads regarding the resumption of the season it seems most people are in favour of what other leagues have decided to do, it's common sense surely! No changing rooms, no club house access, and more. Trying to rearrange fixtures is going to be a nightmare.
  13. Laffs top bloke and manager, will do very well there, I doubt we will see Blazey in the spotlight for the wrong reasons with him in charge. I know first hand that Laffs creates an environment where the players know who is in charge, they will respect that and it will show on and off the pitch.
  14. With step 3-6 deciding to curtail the season as of now, will step 7 follow suit? Would be helpful to know sooner rather than later!
  15. Boris today saying schools wont be back until 8th of March, does that confirm what we all agree is the right course of to action and void the season again.
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