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  1. Played against both Landricombe and Richards in the past, Richards the better finisher and works a lot harder.
  2. I think Helston reserves will be there to, Hayle don't seem to have players with experience of playing higher up the pyramid, I think that is vital if they want to challenge. Not sure they will be as close as I thought, not many names i recognise from the squad.
  3. Early stages still but looking like its going to be a tight season, Penryn seem to be struggling but will turn it around, St Day the same. Illogan looking strong with Mullion, Hayle and Mousehole dropping points. Don't think anyone is going to run away with it.
  4. Some decent games in that draw, no easy predictions on winners.
  5. The defender should of been aware of his surroundings and seen the keeper coming out, I'm sure a keeper of Harvey's calibre would have shouted "keepers". Not even a foul, just an unfortunate coming together. If the keeper had caught the striker with his raised knee nothing would have been said.
  6. The government and media are drumming Into us that we are in/heading for another wave of covid-19, if we go into either a local or national lockdown would that mean a suspension of the season? Is there scope to have 2/4/6 or more games cancelled? Hopefully none of it happens.
  7. Helston full of players thinking they are better than they actually are, most of them are average at best. Just because a manager is willing to pay mega bucks for players doesn't mean they are any good. The manager always needs an assistant who knows how to coach/set up tactics etc because he can only fill the brown envelopes.
  8. Do the "big boys" come in at this stage or is it next round?
  9. Nice to see an honest review of the game from the point of view of the side that lost. Some people try to make excuses etc. Not an easy place to get 3 points from, and by such a margin. Hayle must of signed a few players!!!
  10. As the new season gets underway this week, anyone have any predictions? Top 3 is out of Penryn, Hayle, and Mousehole 2nds. Not sure what order. St day and illogan to push them close.
  11. If bookings are being sent in and fines and suspensions are handed out then it's only fair that poor refereeing performances are also sent in. Along with the good performances obviously.
  12. Players expecting boots to be bought for them and to be paid to pay at this level is embarrassing. Some players at swpl level aren't good enough to be paid but somehow manage to get money out of clubs. These players show no loyalty and would leave if offered an extra £5.
  13. Was referring to coaches/players volunteers etc.
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