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  1. Player safety has to be considered too. A soft pitch can easily result in a broken ankle/leg of a player tries to stop or turn suddenly!
  2. From the description given on here (rarely 100% accurate 🤣) it should have been a yellow card. As the keeper has made an attempt to play the ball it can’t be a red card.
  3. A referee will make, on average, 245 decisions per game. If a referee make 1 noticeable error during the 90mins this will be discussed to the cows come home. What won’t be discussed is the other 99.5% of decisions that were made! Does a player/team/manager ever go through a game getting more than 99.5% decisions/attempted passes/shots/tackles spot on? I doubt it!
  4. To a certain extent you’re correct; however, there are some very good referees officiating on the SWPL. The referee appointed to the Saltash vs Newquay game will undoubtably become one the very good officials, he has improved dramatically over the years and will continue to progress as he gains more experience at the higher level. I do find it interesting that you’re happy to publicly slate the referee as an individual but haven’t named and shamed any players that weren’t up to standard that day. Why is that?
  5. Sounds like your beloved Saltash weren’t great either! The difference being that Saltash are a well established and experienced SWPL club; whereas the Referee in question is a newly promoted level 4. I’ve no doubt that the referee made a few mistakes, EVERY referee on the planet does. I don’t, however, see him posting on this forum about how “Shite” Saltash were. Why do clubs and players feel it’s acceptable to publicly slate a referee and yet don’t comment on their own shortfalls using the same platform?
  6. Giving a score of 61 is also a waste of time. it makes it plainly obvious that the club couldn’t be bothered to document their grievances in a productive way! Whilst it might not seem like adverse report makes any difference in the clubs eyes, that referee will be offered constructive feedback from the referees department and some development points to work on to avoid the situation arising again. If, however, a referee received a mark of 61 from a side that lost by the odd goal in a tasty game; that mark is likely to put down to sore losers who couldn’t be arsed to
  7. A detail you left out. I’ve absolutely zero delusions of grandeur about my status in Cornish football, my importance in the local game is very low. What I meant was that I’m surprised there was nothing posted about it on here! Obviously if it’s a game outside of Cornwall then that explains that.
  8. If a referee, in the opinion of the clubs involved, has a stinker then this should be reported back to the CCFA/FA by way of club marks and accompanying report. Too many clubs return a mark of 61 because they can’t be bothered to write a report. They then come into a public forum and complain about the performance. Imagine the outrage if a referee took to the forum after a game to dissect the performance of an individual player! I’ve officiated in game where I’ve thought the players have had an absolute shocker, however, I have enough respect for these individuals not to publi
  9. You’re very correct in saying that referees, like all people, have good and bad days. Nobody at this level of football is perfect. However, appalling is strong term. To get to level 4 and be appointed to officiate on a SWPL match is not an easy feat. Fitness tests aren’t a given, regular observations and laws of the game tests ensure standards are maintained. If standards aren’t high enough it will soon show and the referee will be demoted back to level 5. As Older says, I think a touch of exaggeration may play a factor in your account of a women’s game. The mere fact
  10. Charming. I assume the referee was to blame for you conceding 6 goals at your home ground? Another case of blame the ref when your team don’t perform. @100%cornish usually gives a good account of any game he watches and thinks the referee had a good game! If such chants were directed at the referee during the game I hope he adds that to his match report and the club are made to face the consequences. Perhaps then people will start to change their ways & attitudes and the steady decline in referee numbers might slow down!
  11. Can’t really have Junior Cup games without referees and there’s a well documented shortage throughout the county. Unfortunately, when you play in the junior leagues you are bottom of the pile when it comes to allocation priority. One would assume that any Duchy games fixtured this weekend would be left without a referee and therefore it makes more sense to have a week without any fixtures.
  12. Poor positioning? Maybe. Poor observation skills? Maybe. Poor decision if he “didn’t see it”? Absolutely not. Would you be happy if the match official dismissed one of your players after an incident that he says he didn’t see? Referees are human, they will miss things occasionally.
  13. Referees get a lot less wrong than players. The fact you’ve stated Polperro missed 25 chances would illustrate this. Sounds very much like you’re trying to shift the blame from the 11 players on the pitch that didn’t take their chances.
  14. If it was indeed “stonewall” then I’m sure the appointed match official would have awarded it. I suspect this is a case of the losing side not taking chances and looking to shift the blame!
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