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  1. According to the Met Office, tomorrow is raining early doors but brightening up with sunny spells as the day goes on. Friday, there looks as though there will be consistent levels of rain. And then Saturday looks similar to tomorrow, but with some rain added in.
  2. Believe it or not, I have been to Wendron on occasions where the wind hasn't been overly to apparent. Hence the question.
  3. With a bit of luck Parkway make the last four. If they do, depending on the date, I might make my way up from Truro for that one. Bruegel, I had indeed read your post above. In your post you used the word 'apparently'. I took that as you weren't 100% sure and didn't have a source. But instead got the information off of someone else. Apologies if I misread that one. Older, stating the obvious there. If you knew me, you'd know I can be stupid, but not that stupid! 😉😂
  4. Always nice to have match highlights from this level. Was the wind as bad as what it sounded on the camera? It looked awful to play in.
  5. As I'm unsure of the quality of the other teams left in the competition, what are the chances of Plymouth Parkway going all the way and lifting the trophy at Wembley?
  6. Clearly the league don't see a need for it either. As whilst they have one up and running, they clearly don't update it. And haven't done so for quite a while. If they felt they needed one, I'm sure they'd use the current one.
  7. I've often thought about this as well when visiting the website.
  8. It's always a shame when you see a team withdraw from any league. But I think quite a few people on here can say that they saw it coming. I've personally never been down to Ludgvan. But I've heard from a few people about the facilities they have down there. Let's hope the club as a whole can regroup and come back stronger.
  9. You could certainly understand why clubs wouldn't want to give up home advantage. Assuming the 'home' club paid to hire out the facility, could they still not charge entrance fees?
  10. It's something that should be looked in to if nothing else. Whilst it might take some effort and planning, we all want to see as little games as possible cancelled.
  11. Ok potch. I'm not involved with a club or anything. It would still be interesting to find out how much it is. Then perhaps you could question why clubs aren't making an effort to rent the facilities.
  12. Just out of interest, how much would Hayle charge for other teams to use it for a game of football?
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