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  1. I agree with what you are saying about the proposed ruling. Something along those lines really should be imposed and put in place. As this is embarrassing for all concerned within football in Scotland. On reflection, and after just viewing the incident again, I can't see how the referee even deemed it as simulation. He had a relatively good view of the incident. And to give a yellow in any case, the official must be absolutely sure the player has committed a bookable offence. With the view he had, I can't see how he came to the conclusion it was a bookable offence.
  2. What annoys me is, surely the Scottish FA and SPFL can both see that it was a clear mistake (they do happen from time to time) by the referee. It shouldn't have even been referred to a panel. They should've reversed it immediately. The player who made the foul should be punished too. Claiming the player dived when he most blatantly didn't. Surely that's bringing the game in to disrepute?
  3. I couldn't believe it Dave when I watched the incident. Clear incompetence from the referee.
  4. My opinion is purely based on the officiating at many levels across the UK. I am very much a fan of VAR in general. But not in the way it is currently being implemented. The referees are being used as scapegoats in this case because of the incompetency of those at the Premier League and PGMOL. So with regards to VAR, you can only sympathise with officials when it's in use.
  5. Some of you may or may not have seen this incident hit the headlines in the last few days. I'll post the clip below from the Inverness Caledonian Thistle YouTube page. Alongside a statement from their website. It'll be interesting to hear people's thoughts on this. Incident - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x43GZEqsFO4 Club Statement - https://ictfc.com/club-statement-9
  6. Purely my own personal opinion. Based on the countless of games I've watched on TV and the hundreds I've watched live in stadiums up and down the country.
  7. After ordering my issue probably slightly later than most, I only received my issue in the post today. I agree with you Keith about content. This issue really is a great read. Some good interviews and pieces, along with the many statistics. Something that many football fans will love. I'd love to find a local football magazine better than this one. More than a bargain at just £2.70 (including postage). Thoroughly recommended. Just a thought, has Dave ever got wider recognition for this?
  8. I think I remember seeing it somewhere that the overall budget at the Cornish Pirates will be reduced by about 15% due to the RFU cutting their funding. A real shame for a club trying to go places. As for that relating to Truro, I can't see it hampering their chances of promotion this season. For next season, who knows. As I'm currently Chairman of the Truro Supporters' Trust, and in regular contact with those running Truro, it's something I intend on finding out.
  9. Two very good players as well from memory. Although I haven't seen them both play for a while.
  10. We are probably watching the best Truro side we've seen for a number of years. Huge credit must go to Paul Wotton. He has got them playing some great stuff. Hence they are in such a good position with just over 2 months to go until the end of the season.
  11. A huge win for Truro tonight. Going away to Salisbury on a Tuesday evening was never going to be easy. The players should really be applauded for tonight's result. However, it will be a complete waste of time if they don't pick up maximum points this coming Saturday. A real big run in now!
  12. We'll agree to disagree on the standard of officiating! 😉 Like I said, it is in some cases, not all. What I'm hoping for is that the officials get the help they need. That's meant in the nicest possible way. Because they, in particular the referees, are being made to look worse with the way VAR is being implemented.
  13. Absolutely terrible decision if it had been sent for review. Harry Maguire knew exactly what he was doing when aiming the kick out at the Chelsea player. He's very lucky there. And like I've also said before, I'm a United fan. The current way VAR is being implemented is absolutely awful and taking the enjoyment out of a game. We, the fans, are paying the price for the Premier Leagues and PGMOL's arrogance. It's wrong. And that's my point. There is far too much money at stake for decisions to be more often than not wrong, than right. I don't like knocking match officials where possible Keith. But the fact is, because of the way the game is going (for example, the speed of play), it is very difficult for them to get every decision right. Hence the need for some assistance in the form of technology and other forms of help. There's also no getting away from the fact there are some poor officials out there. Technology or no technology.
  14. I didn't see the incident in real time as I was out. However, having watched the replay, I can't understand how it wasn't given as a red card. Did the incident get reviewed to VAR? Like I've said previously, we need VAR. That is fact. It already needs a revamp though and really does need to be polished up. Whether people like it or not, our referees aren't good enough to get the tough decisions right every time. And the saying 'everyone makes mistakes' isn't good enough anymore. There is far too much at stake in the modern day. I agree when you say players should be booked for dissent. I think most, if not all, would also agree. However, I can't see the Premier League, FA or PGMOL (whoever is responsible) putting that in place. Quite simply because they don't have the balls to do it. I'd quite happily be proved wrong on that though.
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