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  1. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Just seems very rare that referees get a ‘good’ review on here. Don’t get me wrong I’ve watched some refs performances that are questionable but then again I’ve seen some very poor football played. Everyone has an off day 🙂
  2. What are players being paid for their poor performances? Referees give up their time to ensure that games are being played in this level. Very rarely do you see anyone discussing the players performances buts always the referees fault. No wander there’s a lack of refs to be slated week in week out. Match officials get a set fee regardless of where in Cornwall they travel
  3. Watched Porthleven v Dobwalls today. Never have I seen two teams moan so much during a half. First half not much happening except constant moaning and some great diving performances from a few players. Everything seemed to be the officials fault. Porthleven number 8 was lucky to have not been binned due to his constant moaning for a player going close. Dobwalls weren’t much better and resulted in 1 man from each team being sin binned. One for foul language at the ref. ref handled the game well.
  4. Why are you still going on about the officials from the night before? You seem to be the only person that’s bothered by their performance. The game is over, this is why there are so little officials at the minute as they permanently get slated for their performance.
  5. Send him off. No offence Dave you weren't at the game and you've already said you don't want to go against the refs decision which you now are. I'm sure there are refs out there that don't agree with you're decisions but don't put it on here.
  6. My god why can't you just accept what was given and move on. The fact that the yellow card is being more talked about that the abuse given to both the linesman and ref is ridiculous.
  7. It was handball a card was given. Game is finished and result is final. It's not going to change anything slagging of people's decisions.
  8. Already on a caution for kicking the ball away therefore it would of been a caution had he not done that. What do you think the refs want to do send players off? They also just want a good game. Did you take it up with the ref on the day? Shouldn't of made the mistakes should he if he didn't want a fine and miss a game. Think you can do a better job and make the right decisions give it ago rather than being a keyboard warrior
  9. Ref didn't really have a choice. Had he not already kicked the ball through the fence things might have been different
  10. Having watched the Penryn v Perranwell game the right decisions were made. The goalkeeper kicked the ball through the fence. (Yellow card) he then caught the ball outside of the box (yellow card). The ref sought advice from the honest linesman. Whats done is done and it would not have had a result on the game had they had 11 men on the pitch. Perranwell manager was disrespectful to the ref after this decision, I understand he was unhappy with the decision but to continue throwing abuse at the ref or as he referred to him he had ' short man syndrome' in my opinion he should of been carded aswell. Teams wander why there aren't enough linesman and referees in Cornwall. Managers like him and people that don't actually know the laws of the game are the reason.
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