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  1. So are we still non the wiser when the AGM is 😂😂 or is it kept secret ?
  2. After today events with Christian Erickson which has put football into perspective … it’s just a game and really not that important .. … good luck to TCFC 18/reserves and all those others competing in the SPL 👍
  3. Has a date for the AGM been set?
  4. So have the FA forced the U turn or was it the SPL?
  5. Probably for the best given the CCFA connection to TCFC U18s/Reserves, keeps it impartial.
  6. Makes a mockery of the system if the CCFA over rule the vote. 🤔
  7. Can TCFC reserves appeal or is it a done deal ?
  8. Real shame for the youngsters...
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