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  1. Some of you guys make me laugh! A post asking about the welfare of a player and it still turns around to the same conversations! In regards to the actual topic heading, Liam managed to play some games with Helston reserves and thirds, even getting back into the first team squad before the league was halted. All at Helston look forward to seeing Liam back out on the pitch at Kellaway Park doing what he does best, scoring goals 💙⚽️
  2. Heard that Terry Jarvis (formerly of Penryn) and Lee Mitchell have taken over as the new reserve managers at Bickland. Great appointment for the club. Good luck to both in their new position
  3. I think the St Piran league decision isn’t as bad as people are making out. The FA have said it’s the leagues decision, our league has said it’s the decision of the clubs to play or not as long as they are happy to do so, it’s the fairest way to do it I feel. Its a tough decision for the leagues to make. They will be damned if they do and damned if they don’t. I know I wouldn’t want to have to make that decision
  4. Helston 3-1 St Ives Half time 1-0 Great battling performance from Helston. Pressed St Ives from the first whistle to the last, never letting St Ives getting into their passing game and getting any sort of foothold on the game. Two of our goals coming from winning the ball back from the St Ives defenders high up the pitch. St Ives goal coming from a penalty shows how hard the boys worked today.
  5. Helston vs St Ives is on at Kellaway Park
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