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  1. Hearing that Bodmin captain summers has left the club now also aswell as other recent departures, not looking good for bodmin atm.
  2. What was the ref called Darren Gilbert? 18 hours of rain 😂😂 you must of dreamt that up there’s not been 18 hours of rain all week.
  3. Bodmin off apparent water logged pitch 😂 smells a bit fishy to me seeing how we’ve had hardly any rain all week.
  4. And saltash visiting Saturday, could be embarrassing for them if they played like they have done. Saltash very good.
  5. Changes needed down Bodmin. The cash not working anymore, out of both cups and no league to play for.
  6. That’s because the players are not good enough. Not quite sure how some of these players are playing this standard. The lad summers lost interest now? Was suppose to be ex pro?
  7. Saltash looking like the team too beat atm. Watched them win comfortably and not at there best today, good results for blazey and wAdebridge, looks like the wheels are well and truly off down at bodmin.
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