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  1. Putting his feet up Ralph 😀
  2. That’s fair enough then Steve although timing is terrible as kind of stated . I will just revert back to the Combo committee then by saying you put not only your own nails in the coffin you somehow managed to knock them in as well. Combination football in Cornwall was a super league to be in & in recent years its decline has been obviously noted but to have it as it stands now , Gentlemen & ladies pull the plug.
  3. Jesus Christ what an absolute shambles. Sack the combo committee ? How can a team that doesn’t exist yet be put in the combination league ( St Ives ) What the hell has the hard work of every club in the Trelawney league & it’s entire committee done to deserve this shambolic mess from the Combination league. The CCFA should also be ashamed for allowing the St Piran changes to take place. Needless to say & no disrespect to teams applying but how the hell can you go from Trelawney 2 to the Combo . Fold the Combo & let’s get on with promotion from the Trelawney prem to St Piran. 😌
  4. CTB. You having a laugh 😂
  5. hi matey hope your well , my son might be signing for Sid well there or at st blazey. reference  every fortnight, not sure you even watch do you pal......

  6. hi mate its marksy not sure if you are doing a program for sundays sup cup final if you are i was looking to replace matt woodward off of the semi final list and replacing it with jack stocker let me know many thanks cheers

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