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  1. Difference is he’s got so much cash to spend he will no doubt do it all again . 💊 there’s one each for you three be careful there not to bitter😁
  2. Just like to say well done to all teams in the Prem this season especially Threemilestone who we had some great games with . A real shame it cannot come to a natural conclusion but it is what it is. Just to put the record straight Holmans would of won the league with 4 games to go prove me wrong 🤣🤣only joking 😄 As they say we go again , although I’m not sure I will be 👍 Heres hoping 2020/21 goes well for all teams in the Trelawney league .
  3. Ran by crooks Rodney 🤣🤣 I remember one particular crook who used to get students to pay for a so called lottery each week so he could go round knocking on players doors of other teams to tempt them with large envelopes 😳
  4. St Day 2 -0 Fal Town Res Not a great game in the wind which was difficult for the players none the less St Day were workman like & got the job done. Dissapointed not to get Holmans playing the last two weeks but both trips to vogue park have been enjoyable none the less.
  5. Hilarious post Illogan should have comfortably won !!!! You don’t comfortably win just because a team have ten men, also when a team goes to ten men you don’t necessarily leave a lone striker up top on his own for 80 mins before the whole team decide that they need to pull there fingers out, plus was it a shot or cross🤣🤣🤣😆 if that was a cross I’m in for a lottery win tonight . Wind assisted 😆maybe it was a quality strike plus the keeper was just off his line . You defo posted the last bit right Tom a deserved win 👍
  6. St day 2-1 Illogan St Day comfortable winners even when the ref sent Nathan Taylor off on 20 mins . Superb goal from Dan Richards . Well done St Day & Joffy .
  7. 🤣🤣Been there seen that , St Newlyn East
  8. I think it’s an absolute disgrace that the league are taking my striker to ref. Shame on you David🤣 Hes only done this so he can get 90 mins😳
  9. 😳 Derrrr what ? Greeeeeny bantz innit #Whothehellismarky
  10. 😂😂😂 nobody is complaining you wet wipe
  11. What are you bleating on about green very wild very fast , moaning about the ref etc.. . You were not at that game last night clearly. I’ve not complained about the ref . I merely said it was not picked up on on the basis it upset no one but should not happen. If I didn’t know better I’d think you were 🎣. You’ll need to work harder than that for a bite. 🤣
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