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  1. Steve is fine , Bob is useless end of . I doubt he was embarrassed annoyed perhaps , not sure from where I was stood.
  2. Blazey played the better football but never took the three or four chances that they should of scored . You don’t score you get punished & with about three minutes left that’s what happened. Thought the ref was ok 5/10 Steve on one line did ok as for the other lino not sure why he was there never made one decision all night never kept up with play would of been better if he was watching Corrie .
  3. Bloody hell go back to match reports I’m in bloody tears here , cmon softy I want to hear about the boys hatrick , just don’t mention the manager 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Probably safe to say only thing that can be reported is the score anything else & your ripped a new Ass—— Dave D has done the result on the top page so thats it. What a boring forum when you can’t say what you saw at your game without being slated. Best put my thoughts across Seeing as I don’t give two hoots what anyone thinks . Dobwalls 6-1 Blazey I will start with the exciting part, Had lunch with my daughter future son in law & the wife & daughters dog at the halfway house . Fantastic Ham baguette & salad 🥗 me salad 🤣. Superb food & drinks then popped up to watch the game which cost me £20 for everyone aside of the dog 🐶 who only wanted to bark & growl at the dobwalls keeper not sure why. 🤣 Heres my report on the game Dobwalls worked hard 👍 Blazey never & got a thumping that could of been double figures. Mark f—- em all say it like you see it they don’t have to like what they read I put Liam as a decent ref cos he is I wasn’t there but he is better than a hell of a lot . Andy Jenkin reffed Godolphin res v Holmans Tuesday night & did a fine job as well perhaps I should of put that on the combo but there it is.
  5. Just the way it was written not detrimental unlike some ( not yourself) if I have something to say I will say it . The whole point of my post was that the Captain had a sly slap at the player mainly because he got the better of him I presume throughout the game . Nothing worse than a defender who can’t cope with the striker so resorts to hitting a player !!!!
  6. Not sure I’ve mentioned anything about him being poor !!!! I said he is apparently one of the better refs my point was all about the Cally Captain!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. First half was full of chances for both teams Callington had enough chances to score in the first half but for a couple of good saves from Steve . Apparantley one of the better refs dealing with this one but one incident he was nowhere. It came after about 10 mins of the first half ,Mark Gusterson had a fair challenge with the Cally captain , the ball proceeded to go out ( in my opinion for a Cally throw . The ref who was 25 yds away blows for a free kick to Blazey , in the space of 2 seconds the Cally Captain slapped Mark Gusterson around the side of the face from behind it was no tickle I will tell you , Mark asked Ref Pillerton , did you see that & unfortunately he never , a good 15 people witnessed it though absolutely disgusting from the Captain. Don’t agree with above post I have to say there were plenty of chances for both sides in the first half but only one team in it second half & it wasn’t Cally .
  8. Not nice to see Anita ask at least three times to move away , even the Holmans manager / subs had to go to the other side second half.
  9. St Blazey 1-1 Porthleven Watched this game admit Blazey missing players Port with a lot of youngsters worked really hard keeper outstanding to keep Blazey from scoring 4 in the first half however Port deserved to be leading at the half as silly as it may sound . Second half continuous pressure from Blazey but Port still looking likely to score a goal as well, equaliser well deserved but in my opinion unless Blazey sign an out an out striker goals might be a little hard to come by at present anyway but what do I know . Point a piece seems fair under the circumstances on how this one went .
  10. I believe you have done the right thing David as this is a discussion people should have I personally have watched the video as have I’m sure St Blazey hierarchy. Perhaps they could tell everyone why at this nightmare moment in time aside of Truro City they represent the highest league in Cornwall , there players etc are behaving in such a distasteful way.
  11. Wow just spoke to the Father of today’s ref at the Marazion v Hayle game abandoned due to a Marazion player attempting to get hold of the referee after being I believe sin binned apparently three Hayle players had to hold this player ( said lightly) back . If it wasn’t for the Hayle lads how could this of ended up. Hope the CCFA sort this one properly. No ref should be expecting to enjoy his Saturday afternoon being threatened like that .
  12. Mousehole 2-1 Bodmin Very good possession side Mousehole who were the better team definitely won’t win this league without a striker though as they spent most of the afternoon firing high or wide .
  13. People slag off Mass but to be fair he’s helped Helston & plenty of players youngsters especially.
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