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  1. I just wanted to pick you up on the five or six players missing each game bit !!! Why have these players if every week your that many short surely there not any good if there working - away - etc etc . And I’m not jumping on the band wagon I’ve said my piece on Carharrack time & time again especially as an ex player before you ask . I think it just makes sense to get a player that’s there ideally most weeks not every other
  2. I may have pulled Wayne away from this said person 😂😂well when I say pulled politely asked him to step back my way😆😆
  3. 😂😂just had a little recording going on Ralph as things were getting out of hand & I was not involved 😳how the hell did that happen I must be getting old😂😂
  4. Justin as far as I’m aware is the grey haired chap & was fine all game at Holmans it was this bloody idiot stood beside him all game. He also threatened our players, management and also our linesman’s wife who was shocked with his comments. (Which I won’t repeat).
  5. Well not the first to comment on this he was disgusting at Holmans the week before threatening anyone and everyone in sight until he met Wayne Brown then he seemed to be like a little mouse 😂😂 Ban 😂😂😂behave Mr Loverman whoever you are 😂😂
  6. Wadebridge 2. Helston 1 AET Well yesterday I watched an awful display of Football ( well no football) from both teams. Wadebridge started the first 20 mins looking quite lively without ever threatening & Helston couldn’t spring three passes together. As for the referee well I’m not sure where he came from he seemed to be on first name terms with a few Wadebridge players but his overall control of the match was way below anything he could cope with Paul Murphy was in attendance & assessing & if he is reffing that standard again without a word or 200 I will be surprised. Aside of dishing out some worthy yellow cards & missing quite a few . One Helston player was through with a last defender only to be fouled , now no one wants a red but rules are rules & out came a yellow. With 15 minutes or so left if a dire game a through ball saw Scott Beattie on a clear run on goal for Helston & he duly tucked the ball away. Nice finish to be fair . Helston should of seen the game out but for me certain players on yesterday’s showing just aren’t good enough & certainly one with all the ability in the world just looks like he can’t be bothered. And seeing as I’m ranting I don’t know the ins and outs of the Helston first team but the whole shape looked wrong. Anyway back to the game & Wadebridge now pumped as many balls over the top as duly possible & Helston sat as deep as they could to allow it. Eventually the inevitable happened & credit to Wadebridge & extra time saw a Ben ( god knows how many clubs ) Williams score in second half et : To be fair the ball dropped from 3 yds & he smashed it in the net. Helston the better possession all game Wadebridge with a scalp to take, the hungrier all game. Looking at Wadebridge team not one aside of maybe the striker would get in the Helston team yet all game they were rarely uncomfortable. Ben Williams centre half for Wadebridge as said never really challenged all game yet 6 ft 1 2 Scott Beattie could easily have dealt with him but never in the same position??? WHY ! Aside of a couple of changes this Helston team was nowhere near the side that brushed Falmouth away on Boxing Day. Well done to Wadebridge 👍 Helstons best player Harrison Jewell
  7. Shame about one of the managers for them who just seemed to threaten everyone you included Neil !! Was rather funny when it became Wayne Browns turn a gentle walk towards him was enough for him to all of a sudden be Wayne’s best ever buddy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  8. Wow 😮 bet your lads can’t wait to read this later 🤔 I’m sure when they read this it might be you they want to kick up the ass next week 👍
  9. 😆. That was him having a good game you should of seen the fixture down there . He’s shambolic & how the hell he s this level is beyond belief.
  10. Top man top ref Andrew would of been clear in his decision making I’m sure. 👍
  11. hi matey hope your well , my son might be signing for Sid well there or at st blazey. reference  every fortnight, not sure you even watch do you pal......

  12. hi mate its marksy not sure if you are doing a program for sundays sup cup final if you are i was looking to replace matt woodward off of the semi final list and replacing it with jack stocker let me know many thanks cheers