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  1. Was in Bodmin Saturday Morning, walked my dog up at the Beacon, couldn't believe how saturated the ground was. Even said to the person with me that I would be surprised if game was on. Don't think anything dodgy in the postponement
  2. Dec 1961 at Bournemouth Att 1597 QPR scorer was Mike Bottoms, that's the only info I can find Johnny Haynes would have been there too, first £100 per week footballer
  3. FA CUP 0-0 replay at WHL can't quite remember the score LOL, Seriously Spurs won 3-1, was at both games Personally can't recall it, Used to watch reserve Home games so assume it was at Dean Court, Have posted on a couple of QPR websites to see if any one recalls it, will come back to you if any luck Rod was one of my first heroes, R's picked him up for 15k from Fulham. They thought he was finished as he had an ear problem that affected his balance, how wrong they were. Have contacted Dave re Mag,
  4. Have had ridicule about being an R for over 60 years, Was lucky enough to see the good times and a ton of bad ones. Love a bit of friendly banter., water of a ducks back to me , Thanks for the welcome
  5. Saw them win at Bodmin , coming from behind, Shame about the injury a week or so later to the guy who got the wonder goal. Will certainly see them Boxing Day
  6. Hi all, joined earlier today, been scrolling through some really interesting posts on here. It's my first year following Cornish football although I have lived here for 15 years or so. Circumstances now allow me time to follow the sport I have loved for over 60 years, My first love is QPR, my first game was 29th Dec 1956, I still go up for a few games each year. My Cornish team is Wadebridge Town and I have seen most home games this year. I am thoroughly enjoying it although results could have been better. Seeing proper football is like a breath of fresh air, I wish i could have been going a lot earlier, but I am here now and glad I am,
  7. First visit to Falmouth Town FC. Really impressed with the level of support from the guys and gals behind the goal. Thought it was a excellent game, a throw back to days gone by given the pitch conditions. Hats off to the groundsman, bet he had his work cut out to make good the damage. Overall think the result was just about right given the balance of play. Enjoyed the afternoon
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