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  1. Looking ahead to Saturday I'm thinking of going to Penryn v Hayle. With rain for tomorrow and sat morning is it likely to be on? Just want to plan my Saturday so I don't go shopping
  2. I think it should be left alone, the senior cup is the one all the players that have the chance should want to play in. The smaller club against the big boys can make a teams season. Enough has been changed in local football surely this can be left!
  3. I don't think it's a case of teams being treated differently, it's more that the teams like Blazey in this instance are being treated in the way that their style of play deserves! Players continuing to act like thugs week in week out. Attracting the wrong kind of fans which reflects poorly. Teams that are not playing well and/or struggling in the league tend to blame refs or lack of luck as to why they are not winning or playing well, instead they should look at their own performance as a team and individual. Very rarely do teams at the top moan about refs and luck because the results outweigh negatives.
  4. The current squad at St Blazey aren't fit to lace the boots of the previous players they have had down there. It seems that the players have no respect for the club staff and supporters. They're happy to pick up the brown envelopes which they should be embarrassed to accept. If any of them win anything as players then they might have an argument. I'll wait for that day. Being a strong tackling physical player doesn't mean you need to be a thug!
  5. Hayle 0-1 St Austell res. Top of the East division against 6th in the West. St Austell going down the slope and with the wind were on top for 30 mins creating a few chances. Hayle got to grips with the game and started to make chances of their own. 2 mins before half time Hayle failed to clear a corner and the ball fell to St Austell no 10 who struck a volley that the Hayle keeper will be disappointed to not have held on to. Second half and Hayle were on top creating 5/6 good chances, at the other end St Austell were limited to a couple of half chances. 5 mins before the end Keiron Harris suffered a dislocated elbow. 15 minute wait for the restart. St Austell saw out the 5 mins with no chances created. A few players stood out on both teams and could make the step up. Gilbert, Bidgood and the no 5 looked good. Keiron Harris and Mike Arscott stood out in defence , Zack Williams was very solid in midfield.
  6. Perranporth 2 v 4 Hayle Hayle were dominant in this game apart from first 15 mins and the final 10 mins when Perranporth were chasing the game without much joy. Decent game on a bumpy pitch with a fair wind from corner to corner. Hayle capable of beating anyone at this standard with the players they have, as I have mentioned on a different topic it's their consistency! Perranporth can play better and will, probably competing for 2nd now.
  7. Thinking of heading to Perranporth v Hayle, anyone know what the pitch is like? Good drainage etc. Likely to be on?
  8. I agree Scoffy, Penryn are the best team in the league as their position shows. Perranporth are close by and the rest are capable of beating these two but aren't consistent enough to make a challenge.
  9. Cheers Dave, i have clearly missed that post.
  10. Looking ahead to next season regarding promotion and relagation. With Lugdvan withdrawing from the league will there be relegation to combo for the bottom club? Or will it be seen as Lugdvan have taken that place. As it looks likely Penryn will win the league and have apllied for promotion that leaves at least 2 spaces to be filled. I imagine it's one down from swpl and one up from combo. Got carried away with the space button 😂
  11. Good point about the remaining games Rappo, tough run in to the end of the season. The teams mentioned are capable of beating Penryn. I have watched a lot of St Piran west football this season and have been impressed with the way teams are trying to play football rather than just lump it. The "better" sides have players capable of playing in the swpl or have had experience of playing in it in their sides. Some decent players in this league.
  12. After yesterdays results Penryn have one hand on the league trophy. Secound place will be fought out between Perranporth, St Day and St Ives. Illogan could make a push to. Hayle have slipped down the league lately as have Falmouth reserves, consistency for these two is costing them both points and places.
  13. More than likely be on the 3g in that case.
  14. I haven't read the regulations but i'm aware that it's not just the pitch! I was complementing the pitches. Some of the pitches in swpl are far below the two mentioned above.
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