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  1. It's a waiting game I know. Earlier the better obviously so teams can prepare, promotion and relegation will be a lively debate among the teams involved which ever way it goes,
  2. I'm sure they have plans in place for every outcome. The summer break is long enough without this happening
  3. I have to agree it's the correct decision, has there been a discussion among the league committee on what to do with the season? Null and void, finish it as it stands or extend it? Most teams start preparing for next season around now in looking to possible new signings getting pre season sorted for june/July.
  4. That would mean using common sense and having the balls to make the decision. The clubs need to bite the bullet and do it themselves. Even though they shouldn't have been put this position
  5. Not many decisions being made regarding calling games off! Only a few in the west.
  6. Football may be played outside but it's a contact sport!
  7. What about being in the changing rooms before and after?
  8. Surely it would make sense to postpone today's fixtures to safeguard players, supporters and volunteers, whether a club gets 10 or 500 people attending health and safety should come first. If you think of just the players and coaches that's atleast 25/30 people in close proximity to each other for more than 2 hours!! Then they go home to family and friends potentially carrying the virus. For the sake of 1 or 2 games this needs to be part of the thought process. The end of season deadline will be extended to compensate for the games lost.
  9. Will more games follow the postponed ones?
  10. The decision to leave it to the clubs is just passing the buck, the clubs will know doubt have the common sense that the league committee is lacking and postpone their games. The league statement is contradictory in the fact it says primary concern is all involved on game day but wants the games to go ahead. The decision should be overturned to come in line with almost every league in the country.
  11. Pretty poor decision to go against the other leagues, players were probably expecting the same as the swpl in that play would be suspended for a time. Shouldn't be any exceptions in this situation
  12. See Hayle went down 2-1 to Perranwell yesterday. Thought Hayle would be up there challenging this season, not to be though. Is it they aren't as good as people think? Personally I think they have some decent players but lack a cutting edge at times.
  13. Looking ahead to Saturday I'm thinking of going to Penryn v Hayle. With rain for tomorrow and sat morning is it likely to be on? Just want to plan my Saturday so I don't go shopping
  14. I think it should be left alone, the senior cup is the one all the players that have the chance should want to play in. The smaller club against the big boys can make a teams season. Enough has been changed in local football surely this can be left!
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