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  1. The sum for St keverne is actually very trivial it would literally work out as around £4 a player in the email sent out to all the players today. In which I would have no problems in paying whatsoever. It just got me thinking of what the ramifications would be if the debt was much much higher and players suddenly had these emails sent to them, how many would realise that they would be responsible for this debt if they had merely signed on as a possibility to play one or two games in the season to help out. The problem is Dave this is the norm, I would calculate possibly a quarter or maybe more of players signed on to teams around Cornwall have played less than a couple of games. You would probably have more accurate figures but I don’t think that’s something that’s ever going to change. Like I said earlier how many teams will have the following sort of players. 1) The I’m signed onto a combo team but il sign for you just in case our games rained off. 2) The I work weekends but il sign up just in case I get a couple of games in. 3) The I’m in the forces so possibly will be home for some games. 4) I’m injured but sign me on and you never know. i was shocked when I seen the numbers you said had signed onto st keverne but when I looked at the names you can divide into these categories and leave yourself with a very low number of full time players.
  2. 3. Associations may take action against individuals or groups of individuals. Individuals may be pursued where they are refusing to reimburse an individual club for a qualifying debt. Where a Club has folded its qualifying debts may be apportioned against its registered members and officers, and action taken against them individually to recover the club’s debt. This is the section in the FA rules which covers the debt recovery apportioned to players. Like I said all players received an email to outlining the intent to recover monies from missed fixtures from the players if the debt was not settled by the club.
  3. St keverne had a real core of older generation who have propped up the club for years, all of them retired at the start of the season so it’s been a real struggle to replace that. I don’t think it’s easy for a village right out in the sticks to find a good solid amount of week in week out players. Like you said the loyalty just doesn't seem to be there anymore.
  4. I have spoken to the manager today who has said the club is definitely folding. no worries guys was a shock to me but I get the general concencus of views and completely understand them. I thought less people would know it’s the case that players were responsible for club debts. i stand corrected and thanks for the reply’s and personal views, much appreciated
  5. I get your points Dave for sure. I signed up even though I work very varied hours because there was a plea to try and keep a historic club from folding. Even if this was that I could only play a game a month then That would help the cause, do you think players should abstain from doing so if it then gets quoted in numbers of players registered so they should be able to raise a side? I know quite a few others also did the same which has probably exaggerated squad numbers. Clubs are very quick to sign on any Tom **** and Harry to bolster numbers even if this be from a higher league team to play when they can or players that can play the start of the season but are moving abroad etc I know for fact that out of that signed on number there is a small amount of players available. going away from the st keverne debate though I’m talking in general terms do players know that they have signed up to take on club debts if the club does not pay them? 100 percent Morris was a top top bloke and always had the clubs best interests at heart. A true gentleman.
  6. Hey guys, it was just a quick question really for all the players of clubs out there, did you realise that YOU are responsible for club debts if they are unpaid by your club? I can imagine 90 percent of players that sign up for a kick about on a Saturday are pretty unaware of this, As I was until I received an email today from the FA. Due to st keverne being unable to raise a side this season and inevitably folding, all players had an email today saying as they couldn’t reach the club and if continues to be unable to do so then all players would split the debt and be banned from playing until this was paid off. This was a bit of a kick in the teeth as I only signed up to try and prevent them from folding and helping them out in as many games as possible and would definitely think twice about just bumping the numbers in future! From what I am now aware St keverne will be paying the fine and it won’t go to the level I have stated but what’s people views on this as I’m intrigued to see if players knew of their responsibility if your club doesn't pay its fines.
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