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  1. It's not pedantic, it's the law. The judiciary won't come a-stomping, someone with time and money who is annoyed at being accused of fraud will pay someone a lot less, in order to bring a case, than it would take to defend. In Defamation cases, a reverse burden of proof applies. It's called a chilling effect on free speech and England is the global venue of choice for it. It's a simple request, from someone who sympathises with the point being made - don't go around accusing people of fraud. Look at the synonyms - happy with those. Gladly a pedant and have had quite a few Defamation cases - quite happy with my end of things.
  2. Ea. And none of the Statutory Defences apply. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2013/26/contents/enacted
  3. Thought the same at use of a spade! Barefoot's the way forward, if it's that muddy.
  4. Wrong. You seem to not understand the language. You don't get to redefine words to suit your own tastes. I will re-state it again, because you and others who are using a specific term wrongly again and clapping each other on the back for being wrong, reckless and seem desirous to continue in that vein. It is Defamatory. Repeated incorrect use of a specific term of art exposes the operators of this site, and the person making the post, to Legal Jeopardy. If the persons using that specific term are doing so, a) knowing it to be false, or b) with reckless disregard, then those people will find out how wrong they were in an expensive way. Personally, I don't think that's fair on the people running the site, the players involved, or those innocent people who will find that the forum disappears overnight with a big red seal from the Queen's Bench attached to an Injunction. If you've been using the wrong word for the wrong thing in the past, that does not make it correct. Please stop acting in a Defamatory manner to players who are identifiable [indeed, specifically named] or someone will come along at some point and show you how wrong you have been all along. Honestly, you will find out very quickly in such a circumstance. All of this is being watched by the players involved and people who have the money and time to demonstrate to you and others just how wrong you are.
  5. Neither banter nor abuse. Nor nonsensical - unless you are 100% sure that those players were playing under false identities, of course. Prior to posting, I did give consideration as to the duplication but the simple fact is that within two-ten minutes, two identical posts were made [by two different users] containing the same incorrect use of language and the very same incorrect term has been widely used by different people. Calling legitimately registered players "Ringers" is inappropriate and wrong. Borderline Defamation, if one of those players were to take umbrage, as a matter of fact. As a True Blue Corinthian, who happily turned down Contracts to stay Corinthian, one doesn't disagree with the sentiments - merely the noun.
  6. If you mean Guernsey RFC, yes and no - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guernsey_RFC#Men's_seasons A steady progress for GRFC, but them London leagues ain't a patch on the Cornish [have played in both]. And the Guernsey FC side has been a joke amongst the Isthmian League's 'natural' clubs for a while now. Glass ceiling of Division 8 for them : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guernsey_F.C.#League_results Terrible attendances, island-based players who are way out of their depth and an expensive trip for away fans.
  7. Your original comment was only five words long, prior to editing, namely the first five. 👍
  8. Long way to go yet, 'trophies' don't get given out until the season ends. Might agree that it's very much looking likely to end up in Penwith or Kerrier at this point, though.
  9. They're not 'ringers' - a Ringer is someone playing under a false identity, usually that of a registered participant. They're shift-workers, contracted in to do a specific task. The former is always an ineligible player and illegitimate, the latter only if the player's Contract Status is falsified. One assumes that "the point" is to win trophies, which is generally the point of kicking a pig's bladder around in an organised fashion. It is quite clear that an arms race has been underway in order to achieve this and bringing in shift-workers is simply one part of the logical/highly predictable conclusion of the story...
  10. They're not 'ringers' - a Ringer is someone playing under a false identity, usually that of a registered participant. They're shift-workers, contracted in to do a specific task. The former is always an ineligible player and illegitimate, the latter only if the player's Contract Status is falsified.
  11. This is not as laughable as people appear to find it. Guernsey & Jersey have both entered as clubs into the English Pyramid via subsidy in recent years, as did their respective Rugby Football XVs before them. An organisation has been formed in the Isle of Man to do the same thing as the other islands, which was accepted into English Affiliation on Tuesday night. The new club is imaginatively to be named "FC Isle of Man". Guernsey, Jersey & the Isle of Man each compete in the County FA championships - Kernow does not; Adult males since 2009 & females since 2010. Each of those islands also compete in the Island Games Association's championship - Kernow obviously not, whilst Gibraltar has. Each of those islands now has a representative 'Football Club' in the English Pyramid - Kernow does not, whilst the FA refuses subsidies for real FCs. Parishes of Jersey & Ellan Vannin [the IoM] are both so-called 'international' sides who are members of ConIFA, whilst Kernow participates via Company No. 11637896 Cornish football is being left out and, frankly, to the detriment of Cornish foot-ballers.
  12. Huh? No fan of this modern disease of buying silverware, but...well before that...mostly whilst you were in England... South West Peninsula League Division One West champions 2014–15 Cornwall Combination Champions 1987–88, 2000–01, 2010–11 Cornwall Senior League Champions 1936–37, 1937–38, 1939–40 Cornwall Charity Cup Winners 1937–38, 1960–61, 1962–62 Cornwall Junior Cup Winners 2013-14
  13. The date was never fixed for June [as a matter of fact, it was never announced at all], which actually forms the back end of the first rainy season [Gu, in Somali] in Hargeisa. The second, or minor, rainy season falls at the end of the Hagaa season [July-Sept] and is rather more variable. On the other hand, the region has suffered widespread drought which has disrupted the traditional treatment of those nomenclatures. Your thinking is based on a British [Atlantic & Continental Europe] system of having four distinctly different seasons, each following from the other, whilst neglecting the fact that the Horn of Africa experiences an Equatorial Climate. Additionally one wishes to note that Somaliland might well be thought of as being hot, which ain't necessarily so when it's cloudy as per the Gu & Hagaa seasons, but it certainly is damn windy at all times - the country essentially sits on a broad plain at about the same altitude as Ben Nevis. Wind Chill Factor is not taken into account, if you've been looking at the Wikipedia page as your source of info. Hargeisa is just under 4,000 nautical miles from Newquay airport. A commercial jetliner travels at around 400 knots per hour, so a direct flight would be 10 hours or so on the assumption that the craft has the fuel capacity, which an executive jet-charter would - because it has the majority of passenger seats stripped out and carries less weight with a reduced cargo in the hold, in comparison to a holidaymaker flight. Also, alcohol most certainly IS to be found in both Hargeisa & Berbera in spite of its ostensible illegality under the version of Sunni Islam which is practiced there. More to the point is the fact that the tournament sponsor [Sportsbet.IO] is most definitely banned by Sunnis and gambling is most definitely illegal. Begs the question, did anyone actually consider how the tournament sponsor was to obtain their value for money given that the total lack of advertising opportunity for them would certainly be a breach of contract on the part of the organisers. Hint, that last sentence is the real reason for the cancellation...not "logistics" and so on, as claimed - those were always the same known issues. As a matter of fact, the Somalilanders spent a lot of money that they could not afford in making those stadia fit for purpose. Well, nearly fit for purpose. See the "host venues" section of this page : https://www.kernowfa.org/kernow/w2020m/
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