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  1. Paid entry is a requirement of the NLS and a stipulation of the Standardised Rules for participation in the National League System. The depth of the English Pyramid is unparalleled in the game. For example, West Sussex goes down to Division 23 - although Divisions 16-23 are almost entirely comprised of 2nd, 3rd & 4th XIs with only a sprinkling of 1st XIs. Divisons 11-16 in places other than Sussex often contain Reserve/Development XIs, in any case. A likewise peculiarity is that relatively low-level Foot-Ball tends to be comparitively well-supported by contrast with the Continent. The crowds found in Amateur Foot-Ball in France or Germany, which are the only others to come remotely close to the same depth, are negligible. Those countries which do have 10 Divisions [the nominal Level or Tier of the SWPFL, by way of example] certainly do not have equivalent attendances.
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