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  1. I think that would put us (Marjons) in with Mount Gould, Torpoint and St Dominick, ie the teams currently 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the league. 🤔 No easy solution to this, how about a random cup draw, the winners all go into one group and play a mini-league and the losers do likewise, that way everyone gets 8 games and in theory have something to play for in each game? Or average points per game to decide the league you go into but this can be unfair depending on who you have played, eg Looe have only played 6 games including 3 of the top 5
  2. A much improved performance from Marjons after some lacklustre performances recently who can count themselves unlucky not to take home all 3 points. Marjons started the brighter and took the lead with a great strike from distance from Ethan Jones. SD created little throughout the first half with Marjons snuffing out any attempts on goal until a few minutes before half time when SD were awarded a penalty for a fairly innocuous challenge, the penalty was scored and 1-1 half time. The second half was played in the same manner with the pace of Marjons being a threat, it was from a break away tha
  3. Bit of a mixed view from the Marjon camp. We thought that it was the best we had played against Torpoint over the 4 meetings over the last 2 seasons and even when 2 down thought that the game was still winnable. We failed to deal with the set pieces all night which was the undoing with the corner delivery really exceptional. Fair play to Torpoint, they took their chances and in truth, we did struggle to break down the back line with some of the forwards missing. The last 15 minutes told with the game effectively up and giving game time to the squad which enabled Torpoint to get 3 late goals. O
  4. Most decisions made resulted in long explanation as to why it was made, ruined the flow of the game.
  5. Fair report tbh although a draw was a fair result for me with Marjon comfortably being the better team in first half and Foxhole the second. Credit where it’s due, Foxhole were a good bunch of lads who played the game in a good spirit. The constant, needless long delays in play made it a difficult watch it has to be said...
  6. Heard last night that Mount Gould have been accepted into the Devon League and Windmill are replacing them (also a Plymouth team). Maybe we are getting closer to the structure being confirmed. Or it's a false rumour (although it did come from a Windmill player)..
  7. Marjons is open, it was closed for a few days as a precautionary measure for a ‘suspected case’ but opened again on Tuesday - I can only assume it was negative result.
  8. Having barely played a game in 2020 due to postponements, Marjons needed a strong start against a St Dom side that hard scored 51 goals and conceded only 5 in their last 8 games to stand a chance of progression. Having lost the toss and playing against the very strong wind, Marjons started ok and scored a goal which was ruled out for offside (dubiously I’m told but couldn’t see from my angle). That ‘goal’ was probably the warning Dom needed who then proceeded to control the entire first half, scoring freely throughout although it must be said, some abysmal defending from the home team gifted D
  9. MG have applied to Devon league for next season League not a done deal yet for MG, they haven’t played Foxhole, St Dom or St Minver and have to go away to Veryan and Torpoint
  10. Marjons have not had one evening game at home this season and not had one home game scheduled in 2020 so far when the pitch would be playable every week. They have played 3 away games this year and you could argue that none of the pitches were in a good playable condition, the rest were postponed. Ironically, with the winter behind us "in theory", Marjons have 5 home games in a row..
  11. Please get in contact if you are interested in this event: marjonsfootball@gmail.com Please share to other forums if you have the chance - thank you! Euro evening.pptx
  12. Not sure where the bias comes in? Maybe I should get you a hearing aid when I’m getting my watch as he was called a T**t, which is also unacceptable. I didn’t mention that the same player ran up to the lad who was sent off and mocked him whilst he was on the side which could have brought a strong reaction, luckily the manager had good sense to withdraw the player at that time after he was cautioned for his behaviour. The reason I quoted 30 minutes was because 10 minutes stoppage time was added on
  13. St Teath v Marjons is probably the two youngest squads in the league. Marjons to edge it but huge respect to both of them for what they’re trying to do..Credit to Foul Throw for their prediction.. Credit also to St Teath for getting the game playable although the very heavy pitch made passing football extremely difficult. St Teath started the brighter with 2 good chances without testing the keeper when they should have done better before Marjons created some decent chances of their own but again wasteful finishing led to the first half ending goalless at half time Within a coup
  14. Marjons have not had a red card all season, there was 2 yellows resulting in a sin bin. I suspect that is why there was no mention or criticism of them
  15. Slag him off? Touch sensitive there.. I get the being slightly biased towards your own team but that game was far from a comfortable victory and the turning point was when the Foxhole physical approach bore dividends when Marjons were depleted after some “strong” challenges with key defenders being forced off with injury. At that point, Foxhole became the better team but for an hour it was a keenly contested game rather than “the offensive being resumed”. I know the game is all about opinions and people see things differently but I don’t really see the point in painting a picture to some
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