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  1. Forgive me for replying so late, but it could be down to the fact that if you play Duchy, ECPL or St Pirans, likelihood of you travelling far to an away game on a Saturday is high. That said, if you spend hours travelling to play on a Saturday afternoon; chances of you doing the same on a Sunday morning are fairly slim. Who want's to spend best part of 8 hours every weekend travelling across the country, and in some cases for teams that don't even have adequate changing facilities or showers!?
  2. A real worry how often we're seeing teams lose by 15-20 goals. What happens when you go 2-0 down; just throw the towel in?
  3. Well not to put teams in the spotlight but it's clear some teams abuse this rule and face no consequence for doing so. No one going to bat an eyelid at a Calstock side who were rooted to the foot of Duchy 3 but suddenly put 6 past a very strong Nanpean side only to then get slapped 7-0 the week after by Bude Town? Far too many teams being disingenuous in my opinion.
  4. Sad state of affairs that teams are dropping like flies. Shocked to see the same with Liskeard and Pelynt; lots of healthy teams in the league below mind.
  5. Just a bit odd how that side walked to two league titles with relative ease now they don't have any players? Something doesn't add up!
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