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  1. Well said The fact is, everyone accepts it. People see it as 'competitive' or 'showing passion'. We are inundated with toxic thugs in the game and everyone pulls the wool over it!
  2. Following on from the thread on this page a few weeks ago, take a look at this from the FA Vase on Saturday. Not too far from Cornwall and not too far from scenes we are seeing more and more regularly. Some absolutely reprehensible behaviour which needs stamping out. The scariest thing is, if you read the comments below you'll see numbskulls say things such as 'If he reffed better he wouldn't get such a reaction and 'ref must have had a shocker'. Grown men. Grown men ffs!
  3. An incredibly distasteful and childish bout of behaviour from the St Columb social media account following their game with Polzeath. Seem to have a bit of history for the controversial after events last season with St Dominick. Hopefully someone at the club pulls heads together because it paints them rather negatively. Poor.
  4. The fact of the matter is that other teams know Callingtons weak spot and target it instantly; and that is Callingtons total abject failure in controlling their discipline. When they lose their bearings and the wheels come off, they've got no other option but to start getting on the refs back and worse, start taking lumps out of the opposition. They have one default which they think is their strength and that's to be aggressive and at times demonstrate abhorrent language and violence that has no place on a football pitch. It's a **** poor state of affairs that it's condoned & tolerated!
  5. Sad. Does that mean all the games that were played between Porthleven & other clubs are now null & void? As the league table looks like it's had them removed?
  6. They're down here to retire; not to engage with thugs and hooligans!
  7. It may not be the definitive factor, but it's a huge catalyst. To have 22 reprobates screaming at you; is a huge toll on mental health & wellbeing and all for what; a corner that didn't go your way or a yellow card because you couldn't button it? The fact of the matter is that far too many of the divs that play on a Saturday pump themselves up as if they were stepping into a cage fight, by 2:30 on a Saturday they're ready for blood; seriously? Is it that tribal that Mullion can't go to Wendron without wanting to cave in the skull of their opposite number? Do me a favour. Not many gentlemen left in the sport.
  8. This sadly will only get worse. We have a vile and toxic culture which sees reprehensible behaviour tolerated & accepted. Even in some of the St Pirans movie clips, it's obvious that the abuse towards the ref is either etched out or swept under the carpet. The fact of the matter is, we have this vulgar approach which is often confused for being 'competitive' It stems from the top down. I've seen benches from teams such as Bodmin, Callington, St Blazey all engage in truly disgusting behaviour towards people who get a mere measly £30+ to officiate . Not that money should have any say in how someone is treated. Money can't heal when someone wants to physically maim you purely because you gave a throw in the opposite way. There's an abhorrent culture within this game that usually comes from the top officials within these clubs. Once management & clubs do it, players .subs & supporters too.
  9. Language is always subject to context. You miss a shot; you swear in frustration. Snarling in someones face whilst telling them to "go **** themselves" or directly verbally abusing someone by calling them a "plucking runt" (disguised obs) is disgusting and should not be tolerated. We can criticise refs when we lose because things haven't gone our way but I'd happily applaud a referee every single time he books someone, if a player acts so disgracefully unpleasant towards him.
  10. Oh dear, rose tinted spectacles me thinks. It is beggars belief that you select your disgust at the referee using somewhat colourful language, when the clientele of the Callington side, who many on this thread have highlighted as the former St Blazey side, are some of the most reprehensible and abhorrent individuals to set foot on a pitch. There is a culture deeply embedded within that group of young men that promotes a nasty, violent and toxic-thuggish mentality. It needs rooting out quickly because it's becoming accepted and once a precedent is set, it's then normalised. Aggressive, caveman like behaviour has no place in sport. Most will try to indoctrinate this as 'determination' & 'hunger/desire'. Massive, HUGE difference between being competitive and being an out and out thug.
  11. Far too much goal post shifting and rationalisation of , given the climate, truly reprehensible behaviour. What's even worse is the staunch defence of them, as if they were entirely unable to avoid getting into that situation in the first instance. The sad fact of the matter is that they felt the rules didn't apply to them, that they were above those permutations that have confined so many to house imprisonment this past year, and the reaction to this very day, is still of that nature that they've been hard done by or victimised; do me a favour.
  12. Fairly abhorrent what we have seen hit our social media pages, but the reaction of some of the playing squad online and in among their peers is of no remorse and as per usual, the adopted 'thug' mentality. Zero respect and a reprehensible attitude. Such a lack of responsibility and humility, yet they collect handsome wages for being drunken, solvent abusing louts. No doubt this message will find more of the same 'retort' that those poor women had to endure. A real blight on Cornish football.
  13. The sad thing is people are trying to excuse the behaviour and say "it's done now, stays on the pitch"... Yet there's every chance it rears its head in 7 days time so how do we actively stamp out these incidents and ensure those responsible are made an example of? We keep scratching our heads at referees jacking it in but we don't want to take action when someone decides to start knocking seven bells out of someone for no reason other than wearing a different team jersey? Far too many who think that this behaviour is part and parcel of grassroots football and it swiftly needs dealing with.
  14. Think the book needs throwing at both sides. Complete and abject failure in ability to control players!
  15. If we've seriously got brain dead cretins entering opponents dressing rooms after the full time whistle then perhaps a rethink on participation in amateur level sport is needed. Load of pretentious, mentally unstable cage fighting invalids as per.
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