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  1. That's fair enough Baks, I loved watching my daughter play football when she was a teenager 4 years ago but she packed it in as soon as she discovered make-up lol. Hey....!!! Rappo will always be one of us Baks. Falmouth Town FC and the Packet End runs through his veins.
  2. Rappo, one of the Plymouth lads coming this Saturday, Mike Honey, asked me if you were going to be there as he would like to catch up with you. Would be great to have our old goal scoring legend there this Saturday. It will be great atmosphere mate. Oh and if you can make it don't forget to wear your scarf please.
  3. Its been a real team effort to rekindle the Bickland park atmosphere of bygone years Uwdi. A lot of the old lads have returned and my mate John Perrow has opened relationships with the local football community , so there are many reasons for Falmouths increased attendances. Realistically I doubt we will get 690 fans every week however we are all focused to continue this upsurge. Should be a cracking day Paul. As I've lived in Plymouth since 1983 I know most of the Plymouth lads that are coming. The vast majority are not Blazey fans tbh but good mates of Shaun Vincent who is St Blazeys joint manager. The lads coming are Argyle fans and we will welcome them to Bickland Park. I am sure it will be a cracking atmosphere and the Green Army/F-troop together will have a brilliant time.
  4. Baks, the main grandstand was full, all along the top rail and down the Packet End side from the entrance gate, then the Torridgeside fans behind the goal at the far end. Add to that the 250 strong F-Troop under and around the Packet End shed. I actually thought we had broken the 700 mark.
  5. Don't know the Truro attendance leeds. And if I am perfectly honest, I don't really care.
  6. Not sure mate, it was very worrying to see the lad struggling. However the ambulance crew were awesome and he looked so much better when he was taken to hostpital. Ill try and get an update and let you know Baks. Jeff
  7. A fantastic crowd of 690 watched Falmouth Town breeze past Torridgeside to secure a quarter final home tie against St Blazey. It was a very emotional day, a very sad day but we sang our hearts out for our mate John Martin. Bickland Park really is something else. Our first home game for 5 weeks and how we've all missed our Packet End. It was great to be back.
  8. No worries bud, thanks for taking the time to inform me.
  9. Yes a very special but emotional day at Bickland Park is expected tomorrow afternoon Mike. I have to be honest, I don't know much about Torredgeside, but there's no way we will underestimate any opposition. John Martin will be really missed by everyone in the F-Troop, match days will never be quite the same without him. He was a gentleman who's enthusiasm for the reformed FBB/F-Troop rubbed off on everyone around him. God bless you John. I am sure the 2 minutes silence for John and Roger with our scarves held aloft will be special and our thoughts and sympathy go with the families of both of these Falmouth Town legends. Tomorrow in the words of the great Sabu...…...."All roads lead to Bickland Park"
  10. This is Clive's first season as chairman Hetty so you probably heard that last summer.
  11. Some exciting games ahead. Bickland park will be rocking with the visit of Saltash Utd for the Senior Cup quarter final. We couldn't have a tougher tie tbh but we relish the prospect. Will be good to catch up with Clive Farrant, the Saltash chairman and a good old mate of mine from way back in the early 80's. Whatever the result it will be some atmosphere and the F-Troop are gonna party like it's 1999. UTT.
  12. I would imagine you were stood in the warm outside the bar Bangle. Standing behind that goal in the 2nd half was tough. Our chants were drowned by the blustery winds and it was bloody freezing. But we stayed there in big numbers supporting our team. Yesterday was your day, well done, fully deserved and you did look a much better side on the day. But we've enjoyed knocking you out of 2 cups this season and if we played you next week at Bickland park in another cup tie, we would be confident of doing the same again. Despite losing we had a great day. Referring to your comment about money buying class...….yes Town did go down that road 40 years ago, and paid the price. But we have learnt from our mistakes. That will never happen again at our great club ( Cornwalls Greatest). We will sit back next season and watch Helston go to step 5, recruit players from Exeter & Bristol and see how it all pans out for you. Good luck, you will need it. And believe me, I will feel not an ounce of envy as we, the F-Troop will continue to enjoy supporting our team and creating an atmosphere in Cornish football. No Baks, not top thankfully.
  13. Well, we got well beat today. Helston fully deserved it..... end of. We had loads of possession but lacked that final goal creating pass. That's 2 wins apiece in competitive games this season between the 2 sides. Really impressed with the F-Troop today, kept singing despite losing and the blustery wind and periodic drizzle. It should be mandatory for every club to have a covered end for fans. Days like today I really appreciate Bickland Park and our wonderful Packet End. So its 3 fully deserved points to Helston, Massey will be smiling. For us this season is all about the cups and finish the league as high as we can.
  14. So, here we go again, Helston away. Our 4th competitive meeting this season. The story so far..... Helston 1-2 win, Falmouth 1-5 win, Falmouth 3-2 win. But that counts for nothing at 3pm later today. This game could go either way but we sense a little fear in their bellies when Falmouth T FC & the F-Troop roll into town because they know we have the ability to beat them. And since we beat them 3-2 in the CSC we have added two class acts to our defence, James Ward & Scott Kellow. These games are great for Cornish football, 2 towns, 10 miles apart going head to head. Really looking forward to this game. Helston are a good side with some great players but so are we. Our attack is full of pace and power, and our 2 victories over Helston this season has proved that when we are on it, they struggle to cope with that pace. So at midday today its.."All roads lead to Helston" UP THE TOWN !!
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