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  1. A decent 1st half performance by Town and led 4-0 however the 2nd half was scrappy and fair play to Sidmouth, they scored a couple and had far more possession than they had in the 1st half. At a guess i would say around 180 F-Troop travelled up and were made most welcome. Sidmouths bar staff, supporters and players loved the atmosphere we bring and their players even came over after the game and were clapped and cheered by the troop. This coming Saturday we have a tough Vase game against Hellenic side Bradford Town. Expecting another bumper crowd and a really tough game. Thats what cup football is all about. Love the Vase. UTT
  2. What a management trio !!!!. Well done Westy in achieving 250 games as manager of Falmouth Town. And this is just the start ....... BOOM !!!!
  3. Hope you enjoyed the game Wednesday evening Rappo. It was a great derby and a fantastic atmosphere. The result was about right on the run of play however Penryn did have quite a few decent efforts. They will do ok this season, maybe a top 6 spot. We got a tough run of games now with Camelford, Bodmin and then Dobwalls all coming up. Will see where we are after those games. Thanks for your comments about the 70s tribute, it was an honour to introduce those legends. Yes, Joey was quite emotional at the start of his speech, it shows how much the club means to him and ex players like yourself mate. UTT
  4. Thanks for that Rappo. Was a real honour introducing those 70's heroes on stage in the clubhouse. No need to worry about pics tonight mate, you will have a packed Packet End full of voice and colour so click away mate. Expecting a tough game from the Rynners, they are a good outfit and nobodies push overs. Should be a classic game with a big attendance. Looking forward to meeting up with some old Penryn mates as well. Love and friendly rivalry between our two towns and clubs. Cannot wait for this one. UTT.
  5. Cheers Rappo, really cant wait to see them and give them an F-Troop salute. Just to show them that we appreciate and will never forget how good they were. Paul Horrocks and Joe Scott have done all the hard work to contact as many of them as possible, which is not an easy task. Great to see you last week at the Penryn/Wendron game mate. Will bump into you again soon i am sure. UTT
  6. This Saturday 21st August, CORNWALLS GREATEST EVER, the all conquering Falmouth Town 70s side will be introduced at 1:30pm on stage before the Launceston game in the clubhouse in front of the F-Troop so we can pay our tributes to those wonderful players. Please get there EARLY. Joey Scott, Colin Chegwyn, Dave Ferret, Paul Horrocks, Skipper Keith Manley and the man that started it all manager Richard Gray have all confirmed they will attend. We are hoping that others come along also. It really is going to be something special seeing those legends together. It may never happen again so lets all get to the clubhouse EARLY for the start of the tribute at 1:30pm and show our appreciation to those players that rewrote the record books. And also let them know that the club is once again back, hungry for success with a brilliant chairman and staff, a young managerial team, the best fans in Cornwall and playing squad that are doing us all proud. THIS IS THE RETURN OF ........THE BEST OF THE BEST !!!!! ALL ROADS LEAD TO BICKLAND PARK. UTT
  7. Rappo was immense and Falmouth Town through and through, plus Tommy Mathews, Dodger Long, George Torrence, Neil Philips and to be honest many many more players from the 80's & 90's era. My reference in my comment was to the all conquering 70's side that i watched more than any other. 8 league titles on the bounce, (4 SWL & 4 WL) plus numerous cups. Every player that has pulled on the black & amber shirt and walked down those steps at Bickland Park is special. UTT
  8. If i was a player today i would crawl over broken glass to play in front of the ever growing F-Troop at Bickland Park for the mighty Falmouth Town. For many years our great club has been sleeping and indeed came within 2 days of losing Bickland Park 5 years ago, a club living on past glories of players like Manley, Etheridge, Rich, Carter, Scott, Kellow, Chegwyn, Ashe, Horrocks and many more. But Bickland Park was saved and now the club is back on its feet, out of debt, and ready to go. In Westy we have a young vibrant manager who was born a stone throw from Bickland Park and is building a young vibrant team to carry the club forward. Within the past 2 years the club has made massive improvements to Bickland Park, new roof on main stand, seats added, new floodlights, new extended roof on the Packet End and in the past couple of months lots on improvements to the clubhouse including a new roof and weather boards etc. Theres no ground in Cornwall like Bickland Park. Believe me, the Town is buzzing for the season to start, the F-Troop are chomping at the bit to get back. Promotion is our aim but it wont be easy, there are still a lot of quality teams in the SWPL but we are going to give it a real go. UP THE TOWN !!!
  9. An absolute cracking game to watch. The 1st half Christchurch edged it however we had a couple of gilt edge chances that their keeper saved, especially a close range header. What a save !!! The 2nd half was wave after wave of Town pressure but Christchurch defended well and always looked a threat on the counter attack. Although our approach play was outstanding we were let down by the final ball and bad luck until 10 minutes from the end Wardy rose and headed the equaliser that sent the travelling F-troop wild. But despite more pressure by Town the score remained 1-1 at the final whistle. The penalty shoot saw us take a 2-0 lead but despite missing their first penalty i have to say the quality of spot kicks there after by Christchurch were all top drawer. We missed our 4th and 6th penalties to lose 6-5 and our dream was over for another season. All i can say is...roll on St Mawgan this coming Saturday for our CSC match. I'm feeling....TOWN ALL OVER
  10. Check the record books le boss !!! Yes a fantastic Vase win but look at SWL & Western League titles won !!! FA Cup achievements etc etc. Everyone to their own but for me and i am biased Falmouth Town are the greatest and are on the rise once again. UTT
  11. Theres only one Joe Cooper Moonraker1969. And i for one would love to see big Joe return to his beloved Falmouth Town one day, stranger things have happened. This video as Dave said in a previous comment is the work of a University student called James, a great lad and is part of his degree. I have spoken to James a few times and we plan to tap into the 8,000 students that attend the University at Penryn. Our aim is to increase our attendances and help our club to progress. Covid has delayed all this but once it has been beaten our work begins. Oh and btw for Bruegels concern the video contains scenes pre-covid, not all but most. I would have thought by posting this video it would encourage other clubs to try the same and promote local grassroots football, attract more local spectators and increase clubs revenue and matchday atmosphere. Anyway i love the video and glad you enjoyed it also. UTT
  12. Definitely not Dave. But its easy to predict responses from certain individuals. Thats all mate. Whys that ?
  13. You haven't a clue Boss. Exactly the response i expected from this forum when i posted this little video.
  14. Just a little insight into Falmouth Town and the F-troop and how a community has come together to support and try to restore Cornwalls greatest football club back to where it belongs. This is a journey and what fun and memories we will make along the way. IM FEELING...TOWN ALL OVER !!!!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1202852346434184/permalink/3782597768459616/
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