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  1. A warm welcome to our new signing Scott Kellow. The name Kellow is in the folklore at Bickland park. Uncle Tony "The Boy from Budock" will forever be our hero and a legend at our club. Really glad Scott has signed for us. He will have to train his socks off to get into our team but i'm sure he will do that and his versatility will provide us with a big asset over the coming months. And a big bonus is that he is not cup tied for any of the cups. That's a biggy as being just "A good cup side" we need all the help we can get . These are special times at Falmouth Town and there's a real buzz around the place. A tricky away game at Callington on Saturday and then onto Wednesday with our Charity Cup quatre final against Penzance.....UP THE TOWN !!!!!!!
  2. To be honest Rayvon we have no complaints. Its always disappointing to lose but we had a fantastic weekend. The FA Vase is a special competition and we take with us some very special memories this year. We are still in 3 cup competitions so hopefully the F-Troop can be mobilized come April/May to a final and another great day. But as we all know in football, nothing can be taken for granted. That's why we love the game.
  3. Agree totally Keith. The grass isn't always greener the higher you go and could turn easily into mud.
  4. The dream is over but it could have been so different. A clear penalty on Jono in the 1st half and a very dubious goal that the linesman gave not the referee. That aside its been an amazing run and yesterday was a fantastic day out despite the result. It was a very even game and hinged on small margins. The F-Troop in the 1st half filled their stand and we made an incredible noise. After the game in their clubhouse anyone would have thought town had won with the atmosphere we generated. Christchurch loved it and their manager was very complimentary and wants a friendly at Bickland park next pre-season. Now onto the rest of the season. Really looking forward to it. UTT
  5. The video is pure comedy gold ...on a par with Keegans rant about Fergie in 1996.
  6. Not as disastrous as a club trying to survive in a so called higher league on a shoe string. Start losing every week, playing in front of no fans and can't raise a team to travel to Bristol for a mid-week game. I repeat its only my opinion Hetty so open to discussion. Would'nt it be better to keep all the best players in the area, playing for the local clubs, like it used to be. Players that are above this standard with a chance of playing in the football league professionally could still do it, but do it their own way.
  7. Haven't you seen the famous car video Baks lol. Correct 😊
  8. Cornwall should breakaway from the step system and all the club's buy into it. Just imagine the size of crowds that a Truro v Town game would attract if they played competitively. Interest in local football would soar also. Only my opinion of course.
  9. The FA have not considered the impact getting "promoted" would have only little clubs way down in Cornwall. Step 6, step 5..who cares ? its non league football. Local derbies bring the crowds in. Small clubs without the income travelling 300 miles for a game against a club we've never heard of.. yea right !! A recipe for disaster.
  10. Wasn't on about Heany and Truro Rayvon. Not this time anyway lol.
  11. What team you on about Baks..Wadebridge ?? I didn't mean them in my comment. Yes true, if you earn more you can spend more. Or the other way is the quick fix and get a millionaire to bank roll it all. Then one day he ends of leaving the club and it all goes up.
  12. Maybe they are, maybe they are not. We really don't care Hetty. Their side costs 5 times more than ours to put out. Very confident in our long term future, all local lads. We've just knocked them out of 2 cups. Our target in the league is top 4 so automatic entry into the FA cup. Its all about the match day crack for us. The bond between the team and the F-troop is special and that cannot be bought. Its priceless. UTT!!!
  13. Just like the F-Troops boom box ha ha … "its not a flippin disco". But "Falmouth are a decent cup side" and "We're a better side, no way on earth are they a better side than us"
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