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  1. Not abused anyone Le Boss. No way. Just stated that little clubs relying on one mans deep pockets venturing down the money road is a recipe for disaster. Only offering my opinion, which is what this forum is all about, isn't it ? Geographically clubs from deep down in Cornwall are up against it when being asked to travel 100's of miles midweek or even weekends when all players and supporters have full time jobs. Just prefer the Falmouth way of all local talent, local management team and building a fan base that will last for years to come. Its nice to win, of course, but creating a lasting dynasty of local people and players who genuinely care for the club is far more important.
  2. Very true. That's why we're happy where we are. It's all new to the smaller clubs that have come into some money. Let's just sit back and watch it all unfold lol As an wx dart player I would like to add that these County dart teams play once a month. So only travel once every two months. Big difference.
  3. Let's wait and see me proved right. ..as always. Go for it with players who care nothing about your club, who live 150 miles away and are just chasing the brown envelopes. Falmouth Town, the most successful club in Cornwall will always be bigger and better than Helston. Falmouth Town FC, a club with a local chairman, manager & players that's being run within budget and with unparalleled support. Western league. .You're avin a laff haha squawk squawk.
  4. Good. OK what about 3rd lol. If Helston win the title and get promoted where's it gonna lead them? . They won't go anywhere, they won't take any fans away, they will probably get stuffed most weeks and Massey will have to fork out even more money. Then one day he does a runner. . Not for the first time 😉, then little Helston will probably fold. Great eh. .like I said. .promotion to what? Oblivion.
  5. Would rather Falmouth Town came 2nd and missed promotion. Love travelling around Cornwall with the F-Troop. Wouldn't want to be playing loads of games 200 odd miles away. Where would it all lead ?, diminishing crowds and unless a club is prepared to spend big money paying players, a beating most weeks. No not for me thanks.
  6. Get well soon Bobby. Best wishes and a speedy recovery.
  7. Just want to offer our best to Bobby Hopkinson. Get well soon and hope to see you back on the football pitch in the not too distant future. The result was secondary tonight. All the best Bobby from the F-Troop x.
  8. Looking forward to this one at Bickland park. I am sure we will extend a very warm welcome to Helston FC. Very warm indeed. UTT. EVERYWHERE WE GO .
  9. Megaphone to get the crowd going ? ha ha ha ha ha . Deary me Rhino. Are you saying that the F-Troop need a megaphone. Was you really there Saturday ???
  10. Was a great day Saturday for Falmouth Town Dave. The team played so well especially in the 2nd half. The F-Troop arrived in massive numbers and we sang our hearts out willing our team to score and win. Which we did in classic style. Now back to ground with a couple of tough fixtures against Camelford and Bodmin. Hoping for 6 points from these 2 games but that is tough going.
  11. There's obviously some interested , especially from the Penzance lads who I personally got a lot of respect for after our clashes in the 70's. But if you are not interested maybe just scroll past it. By commenting you just show its digging at you. Anyway, the thread is pretty well done now. A fantastic F-Troop show at Helston of 200+ is living proof that our town is getting behind our club. There will be ups and downs of course but we are getting there.
  12. Have to say it was enjoyable reading your comments and replies. Sticker and St Dennis are getting a lot of air time because we only took 14 or 15 F-TROOP to their grounds. Well that's no strictly true as there were town fans dotted all around the perimeter in those games. We're get 200 + at Helston because it's the FA Vase,. A special game. I've not seen any club bring any fans at all to Bickland pk this season. It's pretty unrealistic to expect that many fans at say Mousehole away. But we'll continue doing what we do. Whether massive or small turn outs at least the team appreciates us and together we form a formidable unit. X
  13. Not a clue who Big Al is. Only seen him on here.
  14. See you Saturday Rob. UTT Whoop whoop. How impressive. 😉😉😉
  15. Falmouth Towns glorious past is the basis of where we are at now. Lots of us left and went our separate ways, moved away or simply got into other things, whatever. What I am saying is, that's now not important, its where we go from here. Is that a little clearer for you.? A positive comment at last lol. Its funny yeww, when I put up this post I knew the knockers would jump on certain things I wrote, things that happened when most of us were still at school. The positive vibe is the Town of Falmouth is now getting behind its local football team and there's never been a hint of trouble or will there be.
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