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  1. I thought the same BIG AL. Hardly anyone stood behind both goals or along the top end. The stand area in front of the bar was a single line of people yet there's 150 in attendance ?? Gotta laugh he he he . I suppose it part of them being "UNSTOPPABLE" .
  2. There is absolutely no way 150 fans are in attendance at the Helston v Newquay game last night. Hardly 60 if you look at the video. They must click all the players and officials in lol. On the game, Newquay look really good, Their right winger tore Helston apart.
  3. Lets face it. They they have put this restriction of 150 maximum fans 6 days before Falmouth Town and the F-Troop visit. When do Helston ever get 300 fans unless they play Town. Their average home attendance this season is around 140 ( very suspect figure that, their crowd clicker must have a twitchy finger) so why restrict from the governments stated 300 down to 150 ?? Classy move.
  4. Promotion will be difficult as there are a lot of good teams, however that's got to be our aim at Falmouth Town. A club of our size, support, history & tradition should be playing in the Western League. A change of mind for many of us admittedly but when you look at the bigger picture its the only way to go. The Western league will be littered with Cornwall & Devon clubs within a few years and we want to be a part of it. U.T.T.
  5. I watched both games James Ward played for Parkway. St Blazey(friendly) & Saltash(FA Cup). He was as good as any of the their other defenders on both occasions. The Parkway supporters around me were actually praising his contribution. Since then he has not featured at all for Parkway. As for Truro, they didnt want him to go, he had a great spell with them. Well, all i can say it's our gain because Wardy is back with Falmouth Town to slot in our defence. We are absolutely delighted to have him back. He can achieve his ambitions with us. U.T.T.
  6. Yea agree Paul. Bickland Park is looking fantastic today but it needed a lot of time and effort. Lots of people coming together for a common cause to re-establish Falmouth Town football club.
  7. Truro were great Al but we can take a few positives from the performance. It was 2-2 well into the game until a dubious penalty. The game went away from us at the end but considering our fitness levels are not as high as the Truro side we did great. Truro are favourites to win their league which is 3 steps above us and their class told in the end. Social distancing in the Packet End is possible Baks. We all have face masks etc. Here's hoping that we will be back soon mate and good luck to Penryn FC for the coming season. UTT & UTB.
  8. Roll on the start of the season when our football returns in the SWPL. Falmouth Town have been really busy pre-season replacing the old roof on the main grand stand with a brand new one. In addition there are brand new dug outs plus an official press box situated at the back of the stand. The whole place has had a re-paint. Lots of work and effort by too many to name. Add to that a new pa system which will blast our new walk on music, thats a surprise tune. Oh and not forgetting we had new floodlights at the beginning of last season. Things are looking up. The F-troop had a collecti
  9. Thank you Leeds. As long as you know the score regarding the history of Cornish football thats fine. lmao x
  10. Didn't realise he was on about Falmouth Town Leeds ?????? Just saying of course...UTT
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