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  1. Dave, Its down to when this virus is beaten and the go-ahead is given to resume playing. If that date was June or July then i would suggest scrapping the remaining league games this season and maybe working out a fair way of who gains promotion etc. There's no reason why the cup matches can't be completed as they are one off games and all at semi final stage. I don't think scrapping next season is an option at all as everyone will be really looking forward to a new season after this horrible virus is quenched.
  2. Fair comment on the 1st half penalty shout. We were in the opposite end.
  3. Obviously im biased but i thought the F-troop were loud and proud last night. But here's a quote i saw on twitter from a guy who made his first ever visit to Bickland park last night, don't know where he is from but he visits loads on non-league grounds.. Not my words Baks. UP THE F-TROOP
  4. The ref was a bit weak. The 1st half it looked a clear cut pen after the Blazey keeper took out Nixon. But there you go, some decisions go for you, some against. Overall it was a keenly contested game and either could have won it.
  5. A tight quarter final with a dramatic ending with Town scoring the winner in the 87th minute. Had a feeling that St Blazey would be a tough nut to crack last night and they certainly were. Well done to them. As for the mighty Falmouth Town, we march on to yet another semi final. Another special day awaits. Decent attendance of over 200 with around 170 F-troop singing their hearts out for the team. The 12th man certainly played their part. Special mention for Luke Johnson(Jono) who was my man of the match with a brilliant display of pace and power ( plus 2 goals). WE'RE TOWN ALL OVER !!!
  6. The best team won yesterday. Saltash's defence coped with everything we chucked at them, we just couldn't find a way through. A little disappointed we were without Jono & Buchs. Their pace and tenacity up front would have been really helpful. Whether it would have affected the result, probably not, but it would have given us more presence in attack. Cracking attendance of 425 and the F-Troop sang all the game (25 different songs..not 4 as I read on a previous comment) Chant of the day " We'll sing it till May, We'll sing it till May...Champions of Cornwall, We'll sing it till May" . (I think the CSC final is actually in April but April didn't rhyme lol) We showed our love and respect to our mate Malcom "Peewee" Mclean" who passed last week. Peewee will be really missed as will John "Turks" Martin. God bless them both. For us now, we are still in the Walter C Parsons cup and the Charity cup, plus we want to finish as high as we can in the league so we have plenty to play for this season. Its always disappointing losing a big game, but sometimes you have got to applaud the opposition and we clapped the Saltash Utd players off at the end because they played really well. Bickland Park is a tough place to come these days and Saltash came and did the business. Good luck to them in the next round. UTT.
  7. Jordan has only played a couple of games for us this season Bob. And those have been from the bench.
  8. Wouldn't say we will have a smaller crowd tomorrow Baks, I reckon it may well be between 400 - 500. I may be wrong but it is a big cup game.
  9. Hopefully it will be a cracking game Baks. Cheers Keith. It's going to be a tough game for both sides hopefully. Really sad times Hetty. Thanks.
  10. Tomorrow we welcome Saltash Utd to Bickland Park. A top team packed with lots of quality throughout. But we are ready and waiting for this challenge. 2 cracking cup finals last season between us were split evenly, they were great days for both clubs and probably the perfect outcome. Tomorrow is also a special day where we pay our respects and love to Malcom "Peewee" Mclean, one of our own, who passed away just a week ago. A minutes silence for Malcy will be observed before the game. Malcy has been with us every step of the way since the rebirth of the F-Troop, he will be sadly missed by everyone. It comes so soon after the passing of John "Turks" Martin, another great F-Troop lad, tough times. Expecting another bumper crowd at Bickland tomorrow to cheer our lads on. We don't intend letting our Cornwall Senior Cup go easily. Roll on tomorrow. "WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE...…. WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE....CHAMPIONS OF CORNWALL...WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE"...…………………………. UTT
  11. Cheers Uwdi, it was strange yesterday. There was only room for some of us under that little covered stand yesterday, so quite a few of the lads/lasses decided to stay at the outside bar/barbeque which we all appreciated. In the 2nd half we had F-Troop behind both goals. That's not normal but we all managed to still chant in harmony lol. As for the game, it was not easy for the players, a very soft surface which soon cut up. I just think Towns creativity was better and we finished 3 of our chances. Its a busy month ahead and to kick it off with a good away win in our defence of the Cornwall Senior Cup is just what we wanted and needed. Cheers again... PS The attendance yesterday was 175. Decent crowd.
  12. Thanks for your comments Uwdi. The F-Troop/FBB have reunited after many years of neglecting our local club. Not all I might add, as some stayed loyal throughout those decades. The football, the music, reuniting old teenage friendships and making new ones. That's what we are about. We are not perfect and make the odd mistake but everywhere we've gone so far this season, we've got behind our team and made friends with our hosts. We can't make big numbers every away game but as long as there is a presence to cheer the team on, that's good. Once again, thanks for your positive comments Uwdi, really appreciated. UTT....
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