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  1. From what I have seen Penryn will need to sign a Defence and GK (Jason Peters was only a loan) to stay in the league. Going forward they looked fine. JW
  2. As much as I think Darren is a good manager and will do a fine job, shouldn't the "national" team manager be someone who hasn't got a team, so they can go to games all over the county on "scouting trips" and pick the best players in form? JW
  3. I can't say I've heard to much of Danny Ford, and first of all congratulations on the hat-trick. Just a quick question.....on the Podcast he claimed to have scored 800+ "senior"/"adult" football.....according to the combination leagues archive, Mr Ford has 98 goals, according to the Limited 2012-onwards Trelawny league stats he has 138 goals where are the other 560+ goals? (230+ isn't to be sniffed at mind, credit where credits due) JW
  4. I haven't questioned Mark's integrity or whether or not he is biased, he's just doing his "job" and a great one at that. Can you post the links to the Liskeard & St Dennis games please @Gary S? JW
  5. Leigh Robinson was in attendance last night. Very long way to travel to just watch. Must agree with @Footballlover442 Jason Chapman was outstanding in goal for St Austell and its no wonder Helston tried to sign him last week. St Austell have the makings of a very good team there, was very impressed with the lad who had their goal (cant remember his name) looked a danger down the left all game. JW
  6. Why do you only get highlights of games they win? JW
  7. James Ward a second 90 mins for Falmouth in a week.......is he back again? Falmouth looked like they could have scored every time they went forward last night, Scott Kellow MOTM for me. JW
  8. After seeing the footage, i have to agree with you @Dave Deacon. @Del Boywould you class it as Serious Foul Play or Violent Conduct? JW
  9. Managed to get out of the house last night and take in my first game of the season. Porthleven (1) v Falmouth Town (3). Porthleven got off to the best start possible scoring from a corner in the first 2 minutes of the game. Falmouth levelled 15 minutes into the second half and then took the lead pretty much straight from KO. they put the game to bed not long after that. From what i saw last night Falmouth are missing a "proper forward". And Porthleven are in for a very long season, half the squad are half descent St Piran's players treading water out of their depth. JW
  10. your 100% correct you shouldn't make excuses all the time.........when are you watching Falmouth Town next Al? JW
  11. This seems a very common theme within our society at the moment, the "bad/naughty" 10% tarnish the efforts and of other 90% This is a key example of the good vs bad in football JW
  12. I ventured down to Falmouth to watch this last night. And from where i was sat, i must say it looked like a Pen. But think there was a clear split on that with some disagreeing (the beauty of not having VAR) Personally thought the VERY young looking referee looked like a rabbit in headlights for most of the game, and could have easier issued more cards in this meaty encounter. No.2 for Falmouth could have seen Red on another day for his challenge, and almost got away with nothing, as the referee "lost" him until the lino helped him out. JW
  13. How many of the respective players are Cornish? very few if any i would have thought! All though i wholeheartedly agree with some comments that the squad isn't the best representation. People must remember that all of these people are amateurs and have bills etc to pay, so some of the best players that should be in the squad are probably not available. JW
  14. is this isolated purely towards VAR or on the referees at all levels up and down the country? JW
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