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  1. I have also heard Wendron Utd are looking at recruiting him. would be a very good signing for them. JW
  2. Howlett doesn't seem to have featured in a squad since the Blazey game 19/10 where he was on the bench according to twitter. Is he Injured?? JW
  3. Mr Massey moans about the amount of booking, saying 8/9 per team....a sin bin and x2 reds.....”highlights” don’t show any of that 🤷🏽‍♂️ JW
  4. Not the best highlights that you have put together in my opinion (am I am a big fan) why was there music over the game highlights? hard to see what Mr Massey was talking about, about the referee as the highlights didn’t show a single card (yellow or red) JW
  5. Wish them all the luck. Would be great for them to progress again and get a nice home tie to truly promote the local/Cornish game. JW
  6. can the forum, keyboard warrior, referee bashing members attend? JW
  7. First of all, several very good saves from both keepers. you wont see a better FK than that on MotD this weekend. Now, although Mr Gilbert is no angel....hes getting all of the flack for the abuse and outrageous things being said the the officials in that game, his partner in crime Mr Carey is as much to blame and even used the C word during those highlights (Cheat) i agree that the match day officials should deal with this sort of behaviour and language on the day........but cant the CCFA do something with clear evidence like this? and as for the stamp........WOW lucky boy. JW
  8. If we are getting a petty as claiming cost of travel from Liskeard to Falmouth is a potential reason for the game to be cancelled may i just say this... Liskeard to Falmouth depending on route is 47 miles so 94 miles round trip. According to the AA the average price of diesel in the UK at this time is £1.32 per litre. 4.5 litres in a gallon Even if your car did 200 miles to the gallon (thankfully mine does 60 ish) this journey would cost less than £12 JW
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