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  1. Saw the Helston vs Blazey game last night. Not the best game really.having said that I couldn't see much through a very deep fog. Thought Blazey played the better football but never really got any clear chances. Helston on the other hand were untidy but took there chances well especially that Goldie. He likes a moan tho. Blazey scored two but one luckily fell to a striker 3 yards out after a few deflection and couldn't miss. The second a penalty,putting the helston keeper the wrong way. Overall I would say correct result,sometimes when a team doesn't perform but wins is a big positive.
  2. Echo that blues10 , what westy and Miller have done is class. Good guys the both if them. How the helston players conducted themselves at the final whistle may not be great but the abuse the f-troop hand out to all opposition players staff and officials is out of order. With that in mind I can see why the reaction was what it was.
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