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  1. The draw for the cup was tough for some sides, but what a round it set up.
  2. I thought you had an excellent game from what i saw. Let it flow the players seemed to really enjoy your style. Great stuff. Why do you float around so low? You are a great referee.
  3. I want to make one thing clear, im not a referee basher. I have a massive amout of respect for them. I once did a youth game. That was hard enough for me. Well done to the M.I.Bs its not easy. I would love to referee but i couldn't do it myself.
  4. Didnt get to see all of the port vs hayle game. Was only able to catch half an hour with the brother in law as the wives were drinking hot choccie in the pub. (Hot choccie not vodka i know) but have to say good game from what i saw. Who was the young lady in the middle. Was she an actual referee or a local stand in volunteer? She was excellent if not a referee she should be.
  5. St ives duck pond. Was it waterlogged. No doubt hayle was on best ground in cornwall Amen brother bring back the glory days of muddy cow fields I hope the mother in law is back to full nagging soon tom. Great write up, gutted to miss it, but some times to keep the peace and prevent being devorsed i had to take the old witch to Plymouth for a shopping day. £5 to watch truro i maybe keen to go aswel. Who are they playing?
  6. Stop crying tom it doesn't have to be put on here you know. Your just in a grump because you missed out on your cup of tea. Bright side though you saved yourself £1.00 and dont need to do a negative write up about the boys. Well said mr Deacon
  7. I have 6 mate we are all between 36 and 40 looking to join a league. Any recommendations. Prefer Hayle area but will travel. Also are there any vets teams or sunday sides looking ive not played since carbis bay fc folded in 2009.
  8. Rose is good but not anywhere near the top yet. I know his dads names helped him ALOT opened the right doors. His fitness let him down at times ive seen him struggle to give the shout as hes far away. However he is a great referee. Not SWPL PREMIER quality yet though but a great combo or st piran referee. As for one of the best around id say luke wilkes that guy is amazing. Far better than the other fast trackers. How often do you hear complaints about circle referees. Rose and the greens need to work on it seriously. 5 years ago they wouldn't have made it out of trelawny with the fitness they have. Yes mark i agree here how does he always find the right area to be in and match control is second to none. George and luke are to of the true elites
  9. All great refs but a little seasoned thats all. I know of 4 refs who were pushed up to ref SWPL games yet they cant pass the basic fitness test and they are local refs mark rose, john green, elliot green and jamie mooney. Im sure if they work hard this season on fitness they will make excellent "level 4s". I dont understand why luke wilkes hasnt gone for level 4 yet. Hes one of the best around far better than the above 4 who have been promoted out of desperation and needing them. Luke could walk 4 and make 3 easily. The guy is amazing and fit as a racing horse ran a marathon previously.
  10. Where have all the young referees gone from this league. Looking at fixtures for 12.10.19 and they are all older referees. Have the younger referees been promoted to the SWPL or knocked down to the combo league for these aging referees? I understand experience etc but bring on the young blood. If they have been pushed up to the SWPL thats great for cornish football.
  11. Food for thought, would the trelawny league pay full fees to the county to get a course on i bet you would get loads if it was free. #freeloaders lol
  12. Why dont you lay off the referees on this forum you and mead. Mead and that other bunch of shambles that they call a committee of the combination league have no idea what they are on about look at how poor the league is ran and the sad affairds surrounding the st piran transfer what a disgrace that was. The south western league, st pirans and trelawny are run amazing dave Bartlam has done amazing things ive heard about the flexi why has the combination league fallen so far behind? Maybe time to out the old and bring in new fresh thinking
  13. And we wonder why there is a serious referee shortage.
  14. Is there a web page to look at please.
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