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  1. Helston and Mousehole abandoned after 66 with mousehole keeper seriously injured after helston no 11 pushed (accidental? Though a red card, so probably not) a mousehole defender into him. Awkward landing. Wish him all the best. Helston were 1-0 up
  2. Yeah, I know. I didnt know whether you meant from someone who didnt watch it they wouldn't have known, or what is now apparent you knew there were bookings, but just dont know why they weren't shown in the highlights
  3. None were shown in highlights, but there were 15+ bookings, a sin bin and 2 reds
  4. Just a local fan that's all. I dont play, and I wasnt being sarcastic!! Good job
  5. Mr Edge and as you put it the slimmer assistant are actually two of the best refs in the county, card heavy yes, some dodgy decision maybe, but certainly didn't ruin the game imo
  6. Great game for the neutrals and re above, I counted 2 reds, 1 sin bin and 10 bookings. Maybe more. Very card happy ref. F troop were at their usual best, much to the annoyance of Massey.
  7. ??? Just complimenting Marc and Dave, two best refs I've seen. Deffo seen worse than tonight's thats for sure
  8. Maybe being harsh on the ref, 7/10 ain't a bad score but used to seeing Dave Rowe and Rosey, faultless every week them
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